First Day of School – 3 Jan 2012

Jan 15, 12 First Day of School – 3 Jan 2012
This is my Class. This is my School.

It’s school time! All the children, in our smart school uniform, were feeling rather excited and even nervous at the same time. After all, we were experiencing a lot of new things. There were new teachers, new friends, and in this case, a brand new school which was opening for the very first time. Luckily, these “worries” only stuck around for a little while, as very soon, we were engaged in numerous activities!

The proud and anxious parents!

All of us assembled in the school parade square. Our anxious parents stayed close by, watching us with pride! My mom said that I have grown up! After the flag raising ceremony, we went to the classroom. I was no longer nervous as I met my new friends whom I got to know during the school orientation in December.

Walking Back to Our Classroom! Don’t Worry, Mommy, I am Going to be Fine!
I like my colourful class!

The teachers introduced themselves and talked about what we would be doing in the first week. We were told that the school was using an aesthetics approach to orientate us to the school. The school called this: “Aesthetics Week!” This was fun! The aim of the Aesthetics Week was to create a platform where we can explore, learn and enjoy art and music. At the same time, the programme would enable us to better understand ourselves in relation to our new school and class, and to make even more new friends. To top it all, we would have a chance to perform and demionstrate to our parents on Friday so that they know what we have done in Aesthetics Week. I am looking forward to this already!

Enjoying my Meal!

We also ate in class with all our friends and teacher. This helped us bond. The teacher was right. Our class got closer as we ate together! We also learnt healthy habits like washing hands before we ate. Do you know that we have a tap in our classroom?!! We then went on a tour of the school! Wow! The school is so big and it is just for us!

I am on TV! I am Famous!

To make the day even more exciting, the media took an active interest in us and Frontier Primary School opening for the first time. Some of the media coverage can by found here in Press Coverage.  I even appeared in the newspapers the next day!

Touring the School!

I will always remember my first day of School! My teacher said that we are a special batch because we are the first Frontierers! I think I am going to enjoy my primary school life!

A Frontierer