Happy Happy New Year!

Jan 31, 12 Happy Happy New Year!
We had a great Chinese New Year celebrations on 20 January 2012! It was not only exciting, but educational as well. First of all, almost all my friends came in their Chinese costume. Even the teachers look fantastic in their Chinese attire. It was really a great sight!
We first started by indulging in some activities by creating some Chinese New Year related art, such as blow calligraphy and paper cutting. We also tried some New Year goodies. The creations we made could contribute to the Chinese New Year decor in our homes. In fact, I was impressed with my own creations. I did not know I was so artistic.
Food tasting!
Showing off Our Creations!


Sorry Mr Koh and Mrs Lim! I think my blow calligraphy is better!
The concert was really enjoyable. We invited many guests, including the workers that helped build our schools. We also presented them with our class-made hampers just to say thank you and to wish them a happy new year too. I think they were very happy to be with us, and to see us all so appreciative of the work that they had done. Our concert was fun. We had a close-up encounter with the lion. I even touched the lion! Wow! Luckily, it did not bite me! We also performed our songs. We did not have much time to prepare but I thought we did well. The crowd was warm in their applause. Our Chinese Language teacher, Mr Chon also performed. He looked like a rock star as he sang to all of us.
Thank you for building our school
Don’t forget to throw some luck to me!
The concert is so exciting
We made these!
That is my teacher playing the gu-zheng.
The day went so well that I was disappointed that it ended. We had a photograph taken. It was a photograph of all the P1s and the teachers. This could be Frontier’s first photograph with all the staff and pupils in it. A Historical Moment!
I cannot wait to tell my parents what we did today!