Preparing for Chinese New Year Celebration

Jan 19, 12 Preparing for Chinese New Year Celebration

This Friday (20 January 2012), we will be celebrating Chinese New Year. I am really looking forward to this event! There will be a lot of activities that we will be doing that day. We will be watching a concert and I am performing! We have been learning to sing Chinese New Year songs and my teacher is also performing. She is going to play the guzheng! We are working hard and it has been a fun experience! Singing the songs also enable us to learn new Chinese words, so I am also learning my Chinese!


The lion dance is also coming! I must remember to tell my mom and dad to get my Chinese New Year clothing ready. I think it is cool that we can come in our Chinese New Year costumes or wear red! We don’t have to bring our school books that day. We will just need to bring a small bag with stationery. I must remember to pack my glue, scissors and colouring pencils. We are going for a learning trail too on Friday. In this trail, we will do some paper cutting, blow-calligraphy and other activities.

We are also packing hampers for the event. I think it is a good idea for everyone to bring something to put into the hamper. We are going to wrap it up and present it to the workers who have toiled many, many hours to build our school. It is our way of saying “Thank you and Happy New Year!” I am really looking forward to this!