School Orientation – 17 December 2011

Jan 15, 12 School Orientation – 17 December 2011

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Frontier Primary School is Finally Ready to Open!


The Rooms are Ready!

17 December 2011 finally arrived. This was the day where we would formally open the school to the children and their parents. A lot of work has been put into getting the school ready. Although this was the first time that the teachers have to work together as a team, everything went like clockwork. The Frontier team looked real smart in the orange outfit! These are some photographs taken that day!

Teachers and VP in Discussion
Last Minute Meeting!


Pupils Doing some Classroom Activities

108The children were assembled in their classrooms, while their parents went to the hall. The children adjusted very well, like fish to water! There were 8 classes for the first ever batch of pupils in Frontier Primary School. The classes are known as P1 Responsibility, Resilience, Respect, Care, Creativity, Confidence, Innovation and Joy. The classrooms were already nicely decorated and the children appeared to like this new environment.

Reaching for the Sky!
Mr Yang in action!
Mdm Choo and her pupils
Principal Sharing Salient Points

The parents listened to a briefing given by the Principal. The briefing helped the parents understand what the school had planned for the children in 2012. They saw the school uniform for the first time. After the briefing, they went to do the necessary paper work. They then went to pick their children up from the class and purchased the school books, uniform and booked the bus services. The children are going to be ready for school opening on 3 Jan 2012!

We are happy that the parents had taken such an active role in involving themselves in the School Orientation. The Orientation gave both child and parents an idea of what to expect for the first few days of school. The children also got to meet their classmates for the first time and when they returned to school on 3 Jan 2012, they would feel more assured as they would see familiar faces. 

The Hall is Full!

Bird’s eye View of the Tuckshop