To Join or Not to Join … That is the Question!

Feb 08, 12 To Join or Not to Join … That is the Question!
My school is exploring the possibility of starting an enrichment class for violin in term two.  My teacher tells me that this is not a compulsory programme. Today, I learn a new word “compulsory”. That is to say we don’t have to join this programme if we don’t want to. She gave us a letter/survey today to show our parents and if we are interested, we should reply to the school by this Friday (10 Feb 2012).

The tentative details are as follows:
The class will be taught by an external qualified violin instructor. The fees are about $240 for 24 lessons in 2012, starting in term 2 on a weekly basis.That is to say there would be about 8 lessons per term. In addition to the course fee, we need to buy our own violin. My teacher says a violin costs between $100 to $240. The full costs of the programme will be borne by the pupils. The class is going to be conducted in the school itself. My teacher says that the lessons may be conducted on Tuesdays at 2.15pm. That means after school, we will eat our lunch in the canteen and then go for this violin class. The teacher also says that we need to make our own transport arrangements home if we are to sign up for this programme. The class will only start if there is a strong demand for it.

I may want to sign up for this programme. My friend says that she also wants to join but she is not sure as she is currently learning violin on Saturdays. My teacher says that we need to be committed before we decide to be part of this programme. This is because daddy and mommy will have to spend some money for the fees and violin. I don’t want them to waste their money if I am going to give up after a few practises.

I am going to ask daddy and mommy for their opinion!

To join or not to join … That is the question!