Lo and Behold! My Garden

Mar 16, 12 Lo and Behold! My Garden

Our first March vacation is nearing its end. While I am enjoying the one week break, I must say that I do miss school! I hope that does not mean that I am a strange kid! I am starting to get ready for school. I have finished all my homework. I had opportunities to play and bond with my family. However, I must admit I am eager to return to school where I can see my friends again! In fact, I just packed my school bag today. Everyone has a new time table for term 2. Looks like term 2 will be interesting as we would be going for a learning journey in the zoo. We are also being dismissed later (3pm) on Mondays in term 2. This is because the enrichment programmes are starting in term 2. I must remember to ask mom to give me extra money for lunch!

I am also wondering about the garden just outside my classroom. My teacher says that the school is working hard to create a lovely garden where we can rest and eat our sandwich and enjoy some greenery as well. The garden will also be a learning space for us where we can learn about science and even responsibility! I just returned to school today and the hoarding that used to surround the garden is gone! Lo and behold! I saw a most lovely garden! This is what I saw!

We have palm trees!

I can see myself spending my recess here! The garden even has a pond with a fountain built in it! I am wondering we are going to have fishes in the pond. I must remember to ask the teacher if we could have some fishes so that we can just admire how they swim.  Here are some pictures of how the garden looks like now.

A view of the garden from the corridor near the General Office
Our Small Pond! Can the fountain go any higher?
What a beauty!

Indeed, the garden has really evolved into one that I cannot imagine when I first stepped into Frontier Primary School in Dec 2011. In fact,because of the hoarding, we could not see what was being done to the green space. Only two weeks ago, the garden looked very different with what I saw today. Here are some “before” pictures of our garden in construction! I must see the faces of my friends when all of us returned to school on Monday!

I am raring to return to school! Yippee!

A mini excavator in our Garden!
Our pond?


Garden in the Rain or Rain in the Garden?