P.E. is not fun? Think again!

Mar 24, 12 P.E. is not fun? Think again!
This is my Class having PE!
I am having a great time in school because of the interesting lessons. I have always thought P.E. would be something I may not like as my cousins told me that that they have to do a lot of running. I was afraid that I would not be able to cope with the rigour of the lessons. However, I just realise PE is more than that, Yes, there is running but there are a lot more about PE than just running. In fact, PE is provong to be really fun and I am getting fit in the process. 
My dad  says that our school is unique because we are one of the very few schools in Singapore that has a playground.  My P.E. teacher says that a playground also teaches and develops important motor skills like balancing, climbing and jumping. I will never think of P.E. as boring and tiring again!
A playground is a great place to hangout with my friends!
Although you may think it is a piece of cake to use all the various stations in the playground, it is a different ball game when you have to share the playground with 29 other classmates! To prevent mishaps from happening, our P.E. teacher spent one assembly showing us how to use the various stations which most other playgrounds lack! You can be sure that we were all really excited about using the playground after the talk! But more importantly, we know how to use the playground safely.


In this station for example, we were told that this machine helps us build upper body strength. We also line up and take turns so everyone gets a chance!
This is how I build strength in my arms!

As balance is important in my development of motor skills, we have a balance beam that we nicknamed “The Snake”. This is how we build our balancing abilities. 
Not easy, you know!
We did it!
What I find more exciting though is trying to keep my balance on these three blue steps! I have to use both my hands and legs to keep from falling off! However, even if I did fall in the playground, I will not get hurt. That is because the ground of the playground is coated with a thick layer of soft foam.
Me Tarzan… Are you sure?
Our favourite station is the monkey-bars! Here we have fun scrambling up and down the bars and the most interesting thing is that the monkey-bars are not the usual rectangular shape but looks like a giant letter ‘M’! Sometimes when I get tired climbing the bars or am not careful, my friends look out for me and encourage me. That’s what friends are for!
Now, if only every P.E. lesson was spent in the playground!
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