The Week that I Learnt About Singapore’s History

Mar 01, 12 The Week that I Learnt About Singapore’s History
Our Fire Drill Exercise. We did well!


Total Defence Day had just been commemorated in Frontier. I really learned a lot during that week. It all started with a morning assembly talk on that Monday. It was raining very heavily that morning; the rain hitting the roof of the hall was clearly heard. However, my attention was fully with my teacher who was sharing a dark chapter of Singapore’s history.

Learning about Syonanto


My teacher shared with us about how Singapore had fallen into the hands of the Japanese 70 years ago on 15 February 1942. I saw pictures of the surrender of the British as well as the very, very thin British Prisoners of War. I also learned that when a country fall, it is very painful for its people. It was a very sad time for Singapore. It is much worse than the pain that I will feel when I fall in the playground.

I was also told that when a country gets taken over by someone else, many things will change… such as the name of the country, its flag and the type of money that is being used. I really do not want these things to happen to my beloved Singapore! I will make sure that I will do my very best to protect Singapore! When I grow up, I want to be a soldier just like in the song ‘There’s a part for everyone’ that we sing. It is my turn to keep Singapore strong and secure. My classmate who is a girl told me that she will want to be a doctor when she grows up so that she can help Singaporeans.   


Singing the song ‘There’s a part for everyone’ with pride
Learning about the 5 Total Defences and wishing to be a soldier to protect Singapore


During the Total Defence Week, I also took part in a fire drill for the first time. I was not scared but knew the need to walk quickly and orderly to the assembly ground. My classmate who is the ‘Emergency Leader’ held my class placard in front as the rest of the class followed with my teachers leading us.  My class did very well. We came down to our holding area within 3 minutes. My teacher said that we did well because we were ready and we knew what to do. I realised the importance to be prepared.
During Social Studies lesson that week, I also found out more about the public warning system from the Singapore Civil Defence Force website. I can actually find the locations of the public shelters that are nearest to my house through the website. It is really insightful.
Listening to identify the differences between the ‘Alarm’, ‘All Clear’ and ‘Important Message’ signals
 through the scdf website
This week, I learnt that total defence is about the different things that we can do everyday in every sector of our society to strengthen our resilience as a nation. When we take National Service seriously, participate in civil emergency exercises, upgrade our skills, build strong bonds with different races and religions, and feel the pride of being Singaporean, we contribute to Total Defence.
My Art Work where I share my Hope for Singapore


IMG_2584I hope that Singapore will always live in peaceful times and I wrote this wish on the paper aeroplane that I folded during my Art lesson. As I flew my paper aeroplane and watched it take flight, I hope that my wish will always remain true.
My Paper Plane and My Hopes for Singapore