Character Development Modules on Mondays

Apr 25, 12 Character Development Modules on Mondays
Follow the Leader

You know what? I like Mondays! There is always something interesting on Mondays!

We started on our Character Development enrichment modules on Monday 23 April. We will be participating in 2 modules – Leadership (2 sessions) and Nurture through Nature (2 Sessions) for the next 4 weeks.

P1 Care, Resilience, Innovation and Responsibility started with Leadership module “I can Lead, so can You”. We had great fun! We played games like “Follow the Leader” and we learnt that as leaders, we need to influence others. Some of our classmates did some challenging moves like jumping left to right and we followed their moves.

Teamwork is important
I got it right after much practice!

We also played “Stacko”. It was difficult. But we learnt to be resilient – we did not give up even when we failed. We also learnt that everytime, we try again, we get better at it and we became more confident!

For P1 Creativity, Confidence, Joy & Respect, we started with “Nurture through Nature” Session 1. We learnt to plant different types of vegetables using hydroponics and soil. We also found out that vegetables can be grown from seed, stem-cutting or from roots. We got our hands dirty and we enjoyed the learning with our friends. It was hard work!
Making sure I scoop enough soil to cover my sweet potato
Learning about plants in class
I have so much fun preparing the soil for planting!
I am bringing my “precious” home to take care!

We were asked to bring the plants home. Taking care of the plants will be our responsibility for the next two weeks. We sure hope they will grow well under our care. We must develop good habits and remember to water them daily. It is important to be diligent in taking care of the plants and seeds. We cannot wait to bring it back 2 weeks later to show our classmates.We must also remember to update our Learning Log with our reflections for the 2 weeks.

Hey! I can do hydroponics using bubble tea cups!
It is important to prepare the soil by mixing it well!
Can you see the sweet potato, spinach and ginger I am growing?