I don’t take a photograph, I make it!

Apr 30, 12 I don’t take a photograph, I make it!
Wow! Four weeks flew by so fast. It felt that I had my first photography enrichment session just yesterday! I have always known what a camera is but my parents have never allowed me to use it.
For the first session, Miss Mon and Ms Gladys taught us the different parts of the camera. The camera consists of the lens, the power button as well as the zoom button.
There was also a strap that I need to tie around my wrist so that I would not drop it and damage it. It would have been expensive if it was damaged! My parents would not have been too happy if that had happened.
Getting the angle correct …
One of the first lessons I learnt was about the zoom function. It did not seem that difficult once I tried it out. Ms Mon and Ms Gladys allowed my classmates and I to take many different shots of ourselves, the school as well as the things around us. It was fun!
Would my photograph be interesting?
Getting the right perspective
An elevated view
Full of Concentration…
I don’t mind being uncomfortable to take a great shot!
Lying down to get a good shot~!
I took a photo of my friend
Besides the places in school and the things around, I also managed to take the faces of my happy classmates at work. They were more than happy to pose for me, with their pearly whites.


I took this photo thru a hole in the chair…  I will think out of the box to get the best shot


Even my stationery can be interesting though my lenses
Besides learning how to handle the camera properly and knowing how to use the zoom function, I also learnt something called the ‘Rule of Thirds’. This meant that my focus object or objects must form at least two-third of the whole photograph. In other words, the photograph cannot be too ‘cluttered’.
Finally, I learnt how to take photographs in various angles too. It was definitely interesting to know that I could do that!
This is how my class looks like in photography lessons
I definitely had fun and learnt many new things!
As an added bonus, I was one of the chosen ones to go to the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. This was because Ms Lee and Ms Rozi had signed some of my friends and I up for a photography competition. How exciting!
Applying the lessons learnt
Budding photographers of Frontier Primary School!


To me, you don’t take a photograph, you make it. 🙂
Besides being able to take photographs, I learnt a few new things about the nature too!
I had fun and will definitely put all the things I have learnt in the photography enrichment lessons to good use!
I hope I can get to show Mum and Dad all the photographs that I had taken. I am sure they would be so proud of me! Maybe next time, they will let me use the camera to take photographs for them. I have been trained! I don’t just take a photograph, I make it!