The Day My Best Friend Became a Class eLF

Apr 09, 12 The Day My Best Friend Became a Class eLF
There is an air of excitement in the Assembly Area!


“What is happening?  Where is my class?  Why are there more rows than usual?”
I was surprised when I walked into the school compound that Tuesday (27 March 2012).  I could not find my class as the setup in the assembly area was different. Fortunately, my classmate saw me and called out to me.  I quickly walked over and as I sat down, my classmate told me that we were about to witness Frontier’s first ever Class eLF Investiture.  The front part of the assembly area was reserved for the Class eLF. Of course! My best friend had been telling me about the investiture all week. Now, I know why the setup of the assembly area was different that morning! 
The Mark of a Leader!


We are committed to do our best as eLFs!
A proud moment!

As I was sitting down, my classmate turned around and asked me what Class eLF stands for. I knew the answer because I had paid attention during the assembly programme. In fact, Ms Lee had shared with us about eLF. Oh yes! eLF stands for exemplary Leader@Frontier. There are two levels of leadership. The Class eLF serves at class level while the Student eLF serves at school level. All Class eLFs are nominated and appointed by the class teachers and all of them have to go for training sessions. I remembered how my classmate was appointed a T.A.C. (Technology.AVA.Cyberwellness) Leader. He was rather afraid; in fact he felt lost at first as he was not quite sure what he had to do. However, after he came back from the training session, he became very confident. He could help the teacher switch on/off the projector. He even taught some of us the 6 steps that Ms Lee had taught him. He also told us that there would be another training session in Term 2 for T.A.C. Leaders and he was looking forward to it.

My best friend is a Class eLF so she had to sit in the front rows.  I was very excited and curious to find out what this Investiture is about.  There were tables and chairs lined up at the sides with the class labels on it.  As the minutes went by, the number of Class eLFs increased.  There were so many of them.  I managed to catch the attention of my best friend.  I quickly waved to her and she waved back.  I could see the broad smile on her face.  How I wish I could be a Class eLF too!
The Investiture finally started.  Ms Lee made announcement for the different groups of Class eLF to receive their wristbands and contract.  What on earth is a wristband?  I could not wait to see the one my best friend had just received.  The eLFs also had a contract done which they commit to do their best with their thumbprint imprinted onto the important document. The form teacher also signed this contract. Very soon, we came to the end of the Investiture.  The Class eLFs raised their right hand and they recited the Frontier’s Class eLF Pledge.  I could tell that the Class eLFs took the Pledge very seriously.  There was this moment of solemnity during the Pledge recitation. What a proud moment for my friend!
To be the Best that We Can Be!
Together, we serve our class!
Oh yeah!  My best friend finally came back to our class.  I finally saw the wristband.  It was really very nice.  Every role had a different coloured wristband and for the Mother Tongue classes, their wristbands come with a white tape across.  Nice!  Ms Lee told us we would get our chance to be a Class eLF next Semester.  I could barely wait for it.  I wonder which role my teacher would nominate me for. I also want to serve my class and school!
The First Class eLFs in Frontier’s History … and Proud of It!