G’ Day Mate! Konnichiwa! Namaste! Sawadeeka!

May 30, 12 G’ Day Mate! Konnichiwa! Namaste! Sawadeeka!


Our Australian friend from Pacific Hills Christian School
I had an exciting week in early April which I had meant to share with you. I would have shared this blog earlier but I had been so busy! It was only now that I have some time to share about my first International Week in Frontier Primary School. In that week, I felt as if I was in so many different countries! What an exciting week it was! Let me tell you all about it!
This year the theme for the International Friendship Day is “Singapore in the World”. The all exciting International Friendship Week kicked off with a bang on Monday 09 April with special visitors from Sydney, Australia. My school welcomed teachers and pupils from Pacific Hills Christian School (PHCS) to join us in our celebration of IFW and celebrate we did!
Our Aussie friends joined us in our Special Assembly programme

Our Australian friends, who are much older than us, told us much about their country… they shared about the special animals which are native to their country. We learnt more about the kangaroos, koalas, wombats and kookaburras through a really engaging puppet show… Later in class, our overseas friends taught us how to create our own boomerangs out of cardboard, using aboriginal art designs …so exciting and fun!

Our Music Teacher, also shared with us a lot about Asia – the continent that our school is focusing on for IFW this year. We learnt more about the different countries in Asia like Japan, India and Thailand during the assembly talk.


We danced to the tune of a famous Aussie folk song


Did you know that even if we do not travel to another country, we have people from all over the world staying in our own homeland? There is so much that we can learn from them. It is definitely necessary for us to respect our new friends as well as the many non-Singaporeans who have chosen to make Singapore their home.
He taught me all about boomerang!

We also took part in many activities related to IFW during our Social Studies, Music, PE and Art lessons.  Our Music teacher taught us a Japanese action song “Ooki Na Kuri No Ki No Shita De”. It has the same tune as the song “Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree”. I like it!

So this is cricket!
Mr Swenson and his students from PHCS showed us how to play cricket, which we later played during our PE lessons. Now, don’t be mistaken…it’s not the insect I am talking about but a game that is really popular in India (and Australia too). This is really an interesting game! Aha!… I can now quiz Dad on the terms used in cricket like ‘batsman’, ‘bowler’, ‘fielder’, ‘wicket’ and others. I bet I can teach him a few things!
Now, my favourite is our Art lessons that week. Besides the boomerang, we also learnt to make a ‘loy krathong’ using banana leaves. Our Art teacher showed us a video clip on how to make it first before we get to make the real thing ourselves. It was the first time that I ever touched and folded banana leaves. So cool!


Our Aussie friends eating with us!


To conclude that exciting week’s activities that Friday, some of our teachers and friends were dressed in other countries’ traditional costumes. My teacher looked fantastic in the Korean outfit! There was also a skit on ‘The Little Prince’ by Drama Arts Ltd. After the skit, we actually had a Mr & Ms Frontier Asia fashion parade show! My friends on stage looked lovely in their Hanboks, Kimonos, Ao dais, Longyis and so on. During recess that day, we also got to eat sushi, pappadum and thai longans… mmm…yummy.
Our teachers also came in beautiful costumes! Aren’t they lovely?
Before school dismissal on Friday, there was excitement in the air as my friends and I gathered and watched a demonstration on how the ‘Loy Krathong’ festival was being celebrated in Thailand. It was to the music of ‘Loy Krathong’ that my friends released the ‘krathongs’ that our classes had made into our school pond. It was such great fun!


My friend releasing the krathongs
I can’t wait for next year’s International Friendship Week! I wonder which continent we would ‘visit’….maybe Europe? Maybe South America? I can’t wait!