Frontier Sports!

Jun 26, 12 Frontier Sports!
Balance Personified!

Hello! I am back in school for the 2nd semester! I will soon be sharing about what we are doing in the 2nd semester but I thought I will share with you about my sports day experience in the last week of semester1. The date was 23 May 2012! It was really an exhilarating experience and if this is sports day, may I have many many more!

The Sporting Arena!

The day did not start well though. I woke up at 4 am and it was raining. I thought the school would not be able to organise the sports day as the downpour was quite heavy. I had already seen the school put up tentage in the sports ground and also the chairs for the spectators. Looks like all this hard work will be in vain. Even my parents who took time off to support me in this event were skeptical if the event was able to continue. I was kind of disappointed because I was looking forward to the sports day. Lucky for us, the school has a plan B. The venue moved to the school hall. It did delay the start of the event for a few minutes but the event would carry on! Wow! What a relief!! Now game on!

Game on!


My father likes to tease me that he did not believe that I could be selected to represent my class for the sports day as I was not particularly fast. Well, I told him to watch me because my class has good teamwork. Teamwork is important for the events. The fastest does not always win! My father must have forgotten about the story of the race between the hare and the tortise.

The turnout by parents was very good. In fact, it was so packed that some parents did not have get seats. However, they also enjoyed themselves by sitting on the steps. It was really like a carnival! The parents were great! They cheered till their voice went hoarse, and still they cheered!


The Cheering Parents … and Grandparents!
PICT1659 PICT1595
Parents busy taking photographs of their children


We will do it together!
We also cheered for our friends. Everyone in the whole school took part in the sports day. Everyone had a part to play to help the class to do well. We aimed to win but we played fair. And we congratulated our friends when they did well. We are always told in school that winning is not the most important thing, but the want to win is. Hence, winning is a journey. Success is  journey. I could see that all my friends did their best and we cheered them on as they competed. I was proud of al my friends that day!
My Pledge of Good Sportsmanship
Doing my Best!
The change-over…
Even parents took part in the event. I think the parent were even more serious in the competition than we were. They also did their best and they were most sporting. This is the first time I see my father so serious in a sports. I enjoyed seeing my father in action. I was glad to let my parent understand what we did in school. Thank you, father and mommy for being with me today!
Parents and children completing the “impossible” task!
What a Great Day!


As in every event, there are winners and losers. That is not the most important thing. That day, I felt like a Frontierer. We are all one big family and I am happy that my teachers, parents and friends were together enjoying ourselves in a truly enjoyable day. What a way to end the semester 1 of my first year in primary school!
High Five!
Three Cheers for Frontier!



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