I Play But I Also Learn .. MTL Speech and Drama Enrichment Programme

Jul 18, 12 I Play But I Also Learn .. MTL Speech and Drama Enrichment Programme
Do you know that for the past few weeks, we have been having special lessons for our Mother Tongue on Wednesdays? In these special lessons, we do many interesting activities that are not only fun but cultivate the love of the language. The programme also enable us to learn important values. The lessons are obviously conducted in Chinese ( and of course, Malay for my friends who offer Malay for their Mother Tongue). Now, you know why I look forward to attending my Mother Tongue lesson every Wednesday! It is the day we have our Speech and Drama Enrichment Programme!

We Practise Active Listening! Active Listening helps us master the Language!


I Like to Move It…Move It …Move It!
We Learn Thru Games ! And Boy do we like it!
Choral Reading and Acting!
This programme is the school’s way to make learning of mother tongue fun. It allows us to use our mother tongue in various settings. We do so many activities, such as Poetry Recitation, Tongue Twisters, and Drama and Play through interesting games. I also get to perform in front of my classmates! We had so much fun during the lesson.
My friends and I perform choral reading and we also did some acting in front of  the class. We learnt how to express ourselves through different facial expressions too!

Before you start thinking that we do nothing but play in these lessons, let me assure you that there is serious learning taking place during this lesson. Our teacher taught us the right pronounciation of certain commonly mispronounced words! My teacher told us that this is “learning through play!”
My teacher also told us that we will be putting up a presentation to showcase our learning during our Mother Tongue Fortnight! In fact, I hear rumours that the school may even invite our parents to watch our performance. I certainly hope this is true! I cannot wait to perform for my Daddy and Mummy!
I love Mother Tongue Speech & Drama!