Racial Harmony Day in Frontier

Aug 11, 12 Racial Harmony Day in Frontier
Colourful Frontierers: We Came in Our Traditional Costumes!
20 July was the day my school officially commemorated Racial Harmony Day, which falls on 21 July. It was another exciting day! My friends and I went to school in our unique traditional costumes. Lo and behold! Our teachers were also wearing traditional costumes! The school looked very colourful with everyone in their unique costumes!
Teachers also Came in their Traditional Costumes!
My Teacher sharing About the RHD
The Racial Harmony Day Special Assembly Programme started with Mdm Koh Ser Lian telling us an interesting story entitled ‘Games We Played’. The story, written by Mdm Koh, was about how children used to make kites as a pastime in Singapore. Next, Mdm Nellie Soh talked about the importance of Racial Harmony Day. She taught us that there were racial riots in Singapore on 21 July 1964 and highlighted the importance of living together in harmony and appreciating the different cultures that make up Singapore. Through the talk, I learnt that the MOE Racial Harmony logo is in the shape of a heart as it represents both the brotherhood of Singaporeans and the deep emotional, visceral bond that we share. After the talk, my friends and I went on stage to sing the song ‘The more we get together’. This was followed by a fashion parade in which Mdm Soh pointed out the features of the various traditional costumes!
Parent Volunteers Manning the Stalls
Sticky balloon!
That was not all! To our delight, there was a local food and games bazaar during recess! There were traditional snacks such as kacang putih and crackers on sale. How I love the crispy nuts! Games such as kuti kuti, Goli and sticky balloon were also on sale! My friends and I bought the sticky balloon, but I did not know how to blow the gum into a balloon, so my teachers helped us. I was fascinated by how the toothpaste-like gum could turn into a transparent ball after blowing it with a tiny straw. Drums of various sizes were also on display to let us play with them. Besides these, there was a booth where I could go to try on other traditional costumes! It was really funny to see my friends wearing other costumes! These activities were all organised by my teachers and parent volunteers. Thank you, we really appreciate this!
Trying some costumes!
Chinese Drums!
Buying Kuti Kuti!
On the whole, I enjoyed myself tremendously! I love the Racial Harmony Month activities, especially the games! I’ve not only learnt how to play some traditional games, but I’ve also learnt the importance of being united and living in harmony with others, regardless of their race and religion. Besides, I have learnt to appreciate Singapore’s cultural diversity. National Day is approaching. I wonder what the school has planned for us! I am learning so much this year!
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