Happy National Day @ Frontier

Sep 17, 12 Happy National Day @ Frontier
Carrying our home-made National Flag with Pride!


The moment I woke up in the early morning of 08 August 2012, Wednesday, I jumped out of my bed and got ready in my red T-shirt and white shorts which mom had prepared for me the night earlier. 8 August was the day we would officially commemorate National Day which actually falls on 9 August. 


Slow March – We are Flag Bearers!


I had an additional duty to perform for this celebration. The task assigned to me was an important one AND I had been chosen to execute it! I am honoured to have been chosen as this was a task usually given to the most senior pupils of the school. Because Frontier only had P1 pupils, there were talks that we might have to forgo this ceremony. However, my teachers had faith that we would be able to do it! And I am glad that our teachers had confidence in us! We, Frontierers, can achieve anything! Believe in us!
A Proud Moment


Nine other Student eLFs and myself had been chosen to be part of the Marching Contingent for the National Day ceremony in the school. We would march with the national flag and the school flag into the parade square. My friends and I were nervous but proud to be selected. We had trained very hard for the formal ceremony. 

When I reached school, the parade square was flooded with Frontierers in reds and whites. I quickly met up the Marching Contingent and assembled near the flag poles to get ready for the formal ceremony while the rest of the Frontierers sang the National Day Songs. 

Red and White in the Parade Square!


At 8am sharp, the formal ceremony started with the marching-in of the contingent. I could sense that all eyes were setting on us as we marched in. We did a great job and my friends told me later that we were even better than the contingent in the National Day Parade itself! I know my friend was exaggerating but deep inside, we knew we did well! J  
Love at First Light — Frontier’s Style!


The whole school sang the National Anthem as the flags were being raised by my fellow Student eLFs. We also recited the recollections and the National Pledge. Our Principal then read us the National Day Message and following that, my classmate, Alif Danial led the school in the singing of this year’s National Day song, Love at First Light. We were all swept off by his singing and all of us cheered him on and with that the formal part of the celebration had come to an end. If there was a Frontier Idol, he would have been the winner! 

Together, Singing and Celebrating!
Teacher Performers!

We proceeded to the hall for the second part of the celebration where we have games and quizzes about the fun facts and landmarks of Singapore. We were all mesmerized by the dance put up by our Mother Tongue Teachers. We also sang a few other National Day songs and all of us danced in the hall with the shakers as we sang the song “Singapore Town”. Finally, the celebration ended off with a cake cutting ceremony and another recitation of the Pledge.


Learning about Singapore thru a Beach Ball!


With the pre-celebration activities and actual celebration, I had reflected what it meant to be to love Singapore. My friends and I expressed our love for the nation when our class designed a huge birthday card where we penned our birthday wishes for Singapore during our Social Studies lessons. All the beautiful cards were then displayed in the canteen. We enjoyed reading the wishes pen by our fellow school mates during our recesses. I enjoyed myself thoroughly that day. Singapore is where we grew up and she will always be special to me. She is my home, my family and my school all rolled into one.


I am Singapore!


Happy National Day Singapore! 


All of us in Frontier!