We Have Grown!

Today, during class, the teacher suddenly shared that we have grown. We did not take much notice what she shared when she shared, but now that I have some time on my own, I had begun to reflect what she had shared. I think I would agree with her. I remember coming to Frontier feeling rather frightened and excited at the same time. It was as if I was embarking on a new adventure, and my mom and dad were not be able to accompany us everywhere we went. I think they felt nervous too but did not want to reveal their concerns.

When we first came, I must say that we were quite lost, not like now! Now, we are confident and always ready to get into action. We can do everything that were tasked although some of us needed more help than others. We felt safe because the teachers were always there. If we fall, we know someone would be able to pick us up. I am not sure how we became more confident. We just became confident along the way.

Earlier, we shared in a blog about how we celebrated National Day in Frontier. See http://fpsclassof2017.blogspot.sg/2012/09/happy-national-day-frontier.html .There were nine Student eLFs and myself who were chosen to be part of the Marching Contingent for the National Day ceremony in the school. We marched with the national flag and the school flag into the parade square. My friends and I were nervous but proud to be selected. We had trained very hard for the formal ceremony.

Here is a short segment of video of all of us in that ceremony. This video was the work of one of our parent volunteers. I thought we looked very confident. We are proud of ourselves. When I watched this video, I know that we have grown. Not just myself, but all my friends.

Mom and dad — not to worry! We are going to be fine! We are enjoying school and the best thing is that we have just begun!

Enjoy the video.