Fire Drill@Frontier

Feb 25, 13 Fire Drill@Frontier
Walking briskly but orderly to the holding area~!
Today, we had our fire drill. We had just returned to class after assembly, and were settling down to our usual classroom routine when suddenly, a loud alarm sounded. Immediately, we were alert and we quickly looked to our form teacher. The teacher said to us that the fire alarm had sounded and we should quickly get ready to evacuate the building. One of my friends wanted to pack her bag but the teacher told her not to. Our teacher said the priority was to leave the school building. However, we need to remain calm and the last thing we should do is for all of us rushing out to to the doors. We would be crushed. This will only slow us down!
Not the right way to evacuate!
As we quickly lined up outside the classroom, we heard an announcement through the PA system that this was a fire drill. To be honest, I was relieved to hear that it was just a drill. If it was a real fire, I would be very afraid. However, I still took this drill seriously. Drills are important because through practice, we learn what to do and how to behave in an emergency. My teachers have shared this with us and I think they are right.
We finally reached the assembly area!
Knowing what to do during a drill is very important. We have faith in our teacher. My teacher looked in control and she has all the knowledge that she needs to get us to safety. For instance, she knew the route of our evacuation. My whole class was also very cooperative. I must say that the briefing given to all of us in January helped. My teacher shared with us her expectations during an emergency. She said that it is important that we stay together and gather quickly in the assembly area. Hence, when some of my classmates became quite mischievous during the evacuation, they were reprimanded by our class eLFs. To be fair to naughty ones, they also became serious when they were reminded! Kudos to the naughty ones in class because they knew when to be serious!
Marking attendance ….
When we reached the assembly area, my teacher again took our attendance to determine that all our classmates were accounted for. It is important that we take attendance as if we have missing children, the school will quickly send a team to find the missing pupils. Anyway, we did not have such a problem because our class stayed intact throughout.
Now, is anyone missing ?
Finally, the Principal spoke to all of us in the assembly ground. He said he was pleased that we took less than 5 minutes for all the pupils to evacuate the building. He praised us and said that we did a good job and every should be proud of ourselves. Yeah! I must say I feel quite good that we did a good job in this fire drill. My teacher said that we may have a more challenging exercise to do in semester 2. I am looking forward to it!