The Day Total Defence Came Alive in Frontier

Mar 20, 13 The Day Total Defence Came Alive in Frontier
Our Teacher is explaining to us what Total Defence means! Don’t we look engaged?


In the last entry, I spoke about fire drills in school. It means to be prepared. Today, I am going to share with you more about Total Defence Day. Firstly, do you know when Total Defence Day falls on? Let me tell you. J
Total Defence Day falls on 15th February every year. It marks the British surrender of Singapore to the Japanese during World War II many years ago. It was a horrible period in our Singapore history and there was much suffering. This annual event reminds us that we should all continue to work together to keep Singapore safe and peaceful for everyone to live in. We should never take for granted the present stability and prosperity of our country.
This was shared with us during the assembly talk on Monday. Look at how engaged we were!
During our Art and Craft lesson, we drew a fire engine and coloured it. It was very fun because I have not drawn a fire engine before! It was actually difficult to draw a fire engine but I tried my best to do it. Luckily, my teacher helped us by showing us some pictures of a fire engine. It was certainly useful!  
Look at my fire engine, isn’t it beautiful?
IMG_3019+v2Full concentration …
My Fire Engine…
After that, we made a real fire engine using shoe boxes! We did this in groups so that we can get more ideas from our group mates and complete our work quickly. By working together in groups, I also learnt the importance of teamwork and respect. 
Teamwork is key!
Final touches …
I am proud of my work …
Together, we can create anything
To begin, some of the groups pasted red coloured papers on the shoe boxes while some of us pasted red packets on it. Then, we added in the wheels and windows to our fire engine. We enjoyed ourselves very much making our own fire-engine!
My friends in the Primary 1 classes did something different. Instead of drawing, they did colouring! They coloured pictures of fire fighters, nurse, police officer and doctor!
This is how I learn Total Defence
I think that their artwork is amazing! Look at the police car that he has coloured, isn’t it lovely!
Then, they painted their shoe boxes red.
Look how skilful she is…
Adding colours to the shoe box …
After painting, my teacher helped me to wash the containers and dry them.
Cleaning up
I enjoy the art lesson very much and hope that I can make a police car next year! J