Aesthetics Splash…

Apr 26, 13 Aesthetics Splash…
Enjoying the Aesthetics activities!
Do you know that we celebrated the arts for a full week? We called it AestheticsSplash Week? I am allowing you to have a glimpse of my diary so that you know what we did that week!
The Aesthetics Splash Week began from our Assembly period. We had a drawing session with an artist, Adrian Tan. He taught us how to draw cartoons using basic shapes such as circles, triangles and squares. I was so impressed and wished I could draw like him!

Soon, it was recess time. I bought my food and ate quickly. While eating, I could see my teachers setting up the station for their Percussion performance later. I was getting excited. After finishing my food, I brought my yellow card or Participation Card and managed to get my first stamp on my card. I sat down with some of my friends to watch the performance. Miss Lam and Miss Joycelyn were superb! They managed to play tunes using pots, pails and even a ladle. I enjoyed their performance tremendously and told myself that I would try this out at home!

Making music using ordinary items such as bottles, pots and footballs
Today was another day of fun especially during recess time. I had Fingerprinting Art and I loved it! We were seated in neat rows and there were fingerpainting ink pads and markers for us to decorate our art work. I had fun creating ladybugs, butterflies and even cute little animals such as dogs, frogs and cats just by using my fingers.


We make music with ordinary objects!
Trying my hand at fingerprinting art


It was Violin time during recess today. I seated myself on the floor with so many of my friends. We were so impressed with Mr Paul Goh. He was the Violin Instructor and he was very good at playing the violin. He taught us how to create happy, sad and angry sounds by playing the violin in different ways. I watched his performance in awe and wished I could play the violin like him.

Listening to a Parent who is a great musician!


I was so excited today! It was Percussion Fun during recess time and I saw many teachers preparing to perform for us. Miss Lam, Miss Nurul, Miss Chua and Mdm Soh sang songs for us while Mr Yang, Miss Ong and Mr Chon played instruments such as the piano, cajon and guitar.
I was impressed as I didn’t know that my teachers were so musically inclined.
Our Teacher — Singers!
Is that my Chinese Teacher!?!
Thank you for the Music!


Today was the day that I have been waiting for! I woke up in anticipation. I knew that today was going to be a great day. Recess time was another performance by my teachers. I was in great awe at their skills and talents. I wished that they could perform for us everyday.  
Soon, we had our lunch and it was time to go to the respective venues to have some fun. I heard from my Primary 2 Kor-Kor that he went through a similar experience when he was in Primary 1 last year.
My class started with percussion in the School Hall. We heard the sounds made by many different instruments.
After that, my class went into the Dance Studio. We learnt to do some special dance movements and I listened intently and tried my best to do the moves.
Percussion! We make music!
Dancing in the studio.
Learning the violin from the P2s!
We then proceeded to the Music Room where we tried playing the violins. Some of the primary 2 pupils were helping us. They were so good at it! Our last station was the PAL room where we were given crayons to do drawing.
Finally, we proceeded back to the school hall where we watched some performances by other schools. We managed to catch a dance put up by Zhenghua Primary School. The dancers had such beautiful costumes and they were dancing so gracefully. We also had a

Wow! WHat great Dancers!

group of NIE trainee teachers dancing to a groovy hip-hop tune. We enjoyed their high energy dance too. Finally, we had a performance from our own violinists from Primary 2. They were so professional and played very well!

I had a truly enriching week and I knew exactly what I would be doing this weekend…Singing, dancing and drawing to my heart’s content! J



Trying my hand at fingerprinting art