Di Zi Gui 《弟子規》Practices at Frontier

Feb 19, 14 Di Zi Gui 《弟子規》Practices at Frontier

2014 has begun well for us and we are enjoying school. We are now in P3 and we have new uniforms! Hence, if you come to our school, you will notice some of us wearing our formal uniform and some wearing what we called the PE attire. Well, only the P3 pupils can wear the formal uniform. I think it is because we are older now and it is a privilege to wear the formal uniform. We must be good role models for our younger brothers and sisters. 

We now have 3 levels of children in our school – P1, P2 and P3. It is quite interesting to see the young ones in school! They look so angelic, just like us 3 years ago! Actually, I think we were naughtier then! I see them learning how to purchase food in the canteen. In fact, we, the seniors, also helped them when they needed help. I guess as we are older, we also have responsibility to guide our younger Frontierers. It is good that we are in a position to help, and it does feel good to help! In fact, I told the young P1 to use the Di Zi Gui 《弟子規》notices on the walls all round the school to guide their actions. 

For instance, look at this notice. The title of this notice is “CARE”. It is true that if we want to show care, we should give more, and not expect to receive. However, I must say that you do receive when when you give. I was helping these 2 P1 children whom I had recently befriended. I tried to give good advice to them, like what to buy in canteen and how to buy. Their moms came to thank me for helping their children adjust to primary school life. I felt good. What we received is not a real physical object, but a simple thank you. However, do not under-estimate the value of the “thank you”. I felt good! I have made a DIFFERENCE to someone. 

There are quite a few Di Zi Gui 《弟子規》notices around the school recently. They are useful and they remind us to be more disciplined. Here are some notices which I have seen pasted around the school. 
For instance, this one (entitled: RESPONSIBILITY) can be seen in the canteen. I think it is placed there deliberately. It is really good advice too! Some of us can be quite fussy in our food! We do not want to eat our veggies. I now take my veggies. I used to dislike it but my teachers tell me that it is important to have veggies in our meals. Believe it or not, I now believe veggies are really quite nice! It also tells us not to be too greedy! It is us who need to be responsible for our own health. 
We also have this notice (also entitled: RESPONSIBILITY) which tells us how to behave when we move from point to point. It tells us that we should not be running around and that we walk with a focus. It also tells us to be polite and we should greet our teachers! It is only respectful when we do that. 
That’s all for now! We will come back later to share more about our school!