Be Prepared!

Mar 18, 14 Be Prepared!

Posted by in Frontierer, Kampong

Fire drills are important because they give us more confidence on how to act if a real fire were to occur. They also put students, teachers and parents more at ease because the more fire drills we have, the more our parents trust we’ll be prepared if a real fire were to occur.    We recently had our fire drill! We were...

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The Day the Dragon Came to Frontier!

Mar 06, 14 The Day the Dragon Came to Frontier!

Posted by in Kampong

We had our Chinese New Year celebration in Frontier Primary School on 30 January 2014. With almost all of us, including the teachers, coming in Chinese costume, made the school looked red at one glance. The sight was indeed beautiful. My non-Chinese friends also wore Chinese New Year styled costumes too! We celebrated as one...

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