Be Prepared!

Mar 18, 14 Be Prepared!

Fire drills are important because they give us more confidence on how to act if a real fire were to occur. They also put students, teachers and parents more at ease because the more fire drills we have, the more our parents trust we’ll be prepared if a real fire were to occur. 

Fire Drill 2014


We recently had our fire drill! We were having our Mother Tongue lesson when we heard the alarm. Immediately, we looked up. We recognized that this was the bell for fire. Was this a fire drill or a real fire? Then the announcement was made. It was fire drill. Nevertheless, we were still very serious. We queued up immediately in the corridor. Some of my classmates who behaved mischievously were sternly warned by our teacher. She said that if we did not take the fire drill seriously, we would not be aware of what to do if there was a real fire in our school. After the warning, everyone was serious and rightly so!

Walking Briskly and with Purpose

Then we were led to the field. We moved briskly and with purpose. This is the first time we gathered in the field. Next, our attendance was taken and we waited for everybody to evacuate the school building. All of my classmates listened attentively to the instructions given by Miss Jamie Cheng, who was in charge of attendance. Not long after that, our principal gave a few words. He complimented us for having successfully assembled at the field within 5 minutes in an orderly manner. At the same time, he also encouraged us do better for the next fire drill – assemble in less than 4 minutes.


When I heard that, I strongly believe that Frontierers could achieve that target! I think we did well considering that we moved almost 800 people into the field in about 5 minutes!

Fire drills are an important part of our fire safety procedures for many reasons. Not only do they ensure that all staff, students and vendors in school understand what they need to do if there is a fire, they also help you to test how effective our fire evacuation plan is and to improve certain aspects of our emergency plans.