Cyber Wellness Week

May 04, 15 Cyber Wellness Week

13 to 17 April 2015 was Cyber Wellness (CW) week in Frontier.  I had been looking forward to the cyber wellness week since my teacher informed me about it during one of the 61FM sessions.

When the week finally arrived, I was so excited and all ready to learn more about cyber wellness.  During that week, I attended an assembly talk on ‘Gaming Addiction’.  I learnt from my younger siblings that the P1s and P2s were having separate sharing sessions on other CW topics.  After the assembly talk, we had class sharing and discussion on cyber wellness issues with our Form and Co-Form teachers during FTGP.  I learnt that it’s alright to play games at times, however, when gaming starts to interfere with a person’s relationships or their pursuit of other goals, then it has become an addiction. We should not put ourselves in such situation.

Soon, it was recess!  I walked quickly to the canteen to get my food so I could have more time to participate in more CW stations.  The activities at each station were really cool!  I had so much fun with my friends.

Posting my views using Linoit. Posting my views using Linoit.

At the CW Wall station, I had the chance to post my views on cyber wellness issue using Linoit. Linoit works like a sticky note organiser. Instead of writing on sticky pads, I typed my views and stick it on the web browser. That was my very first time using Linoit. I thought it was pretty easy to use, especially with the assistance of the TAC leaders, parent volunteers and teachers at the station.

CW Play station!CW Play station!

I played a few games at the CW PLAY station. While queuing and waiting for my turn, I would share with my friends about the games I would be trying out.  Every day, I tried out different iPad games and picked out new cyber wellness messages.

Due to my strategic management of my recess time, I managed to try out two games at the CW GAMES station. At that station, I attempted to throw ice-cream sticks into cups, every successful throw would allow me to answer a question and I would receive tokens for answering the questions correctly. The other game that I tried out at the same station is the “drawer” game, I rolled a dice and answered a question that corresponded to the number on the drawers. These two games were actually very simple to play.  The best thing was I won many tokens from this station!

Aim, throw & answer!

Aim, throw & answer!

Open the drawer and answer the question. That's simple!

Open the drawer and answer the question. That’s simple!

Last but not least, the CW RACE station!  I heard that only the first 10 groups get to take part in the race.  I quickly ran around to find two other friends to form a group of three to sign up for the race.  We had to race to three different locations to complete different kind of tasks. Once we completed all the tasks, we would receive tokens from our teachers at the last station.  All three of us were covered with perspiration but it was all worth it.  Not because of the token but the experience.  It was amazing!

Forming a group with my friends for the CW Race.

Forming a group with my friends for the CW Race.

Completing the tasks set by the teachers in-charge.

Completing the tasks set by the teachers in-charge.

In a nutshell, I truly enjoyed Cyber Wellness Week 2015 at Frontier as I got to learn and understand a lot more about cyber wellness messages and issues in an engaging and unforgettable way. I am looking forward to Cyber Wellness Week 2016!