Trekathon 2015

Jul 14, 15 Trekathon 2015

Our Trekkers – After doing a great job!


Unlike the previous years and as part of the SG50 celebrations, Frontier’s Trekathon this year aimed at benefitting the wider community outside school. We identified HCA Hospice Care as the beneficiary for this year’s fundraising. The staff and pupils of Frontier Primary School did a great job and succeeded in collecting an amount of $ 41, 250. We are very grateful to the staff, pupils and their families for putting in such a big effort to raise such an amount for a good cause. The fund raised will help HCA in their daily profession.

5 June 2015, the day of the Trekathon, came. At 8.00am, the staff gathered in the school for a briefing and breakfast. We were raring to go. We were briefed on what we will be doing and more what we can do to support our guests from the HCA Hospice Care whom we will be attending to. We were put into 4 groups – Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. This was to enable us to take the different routes that have been mapped out for us. Reminders were given for us that speed was the objective for the trekathon but lots of love and tender care for our guests as we enjoy our wonderful Botanic Gardens. Our guests are mainly elderly and wheelchair bound, and we are going to give them a great morning outing…the Frontier style and hospitality.

We first met the patients when we reached the Botanic Gardens. Some of them were friendly and chatty while others were more reserved.  We understood their apprehension as they were not familiar with us yet.  After a while, all of us were chatting like old friends! After getting into the respective groups, we started our trek around the beautiful and scenic Singapore Botanic Gardens. We followed the route that was given to our groups so that we did not crowd around the same area at the same time.


Enjoying our Botanic Gardens in our trek

Our trek around the garden was indeed very interesting and educational. There were numerous kinds of trees and flowers that can be seen. From the willowy ones to the big and hardy ones. From the single-coloured ones to the multi-coloured ones. Not forgetting the swans, fishes, tortoises and other animals that were found around the pond and the garden. We chatted with the patients while enjoying the scenery. We learned new things from them, and at the same time, we taught them some new ones.  We were basically enjoying each other’s company. The HCA guests had a lot of wonderful stories to share with us. Many of them are really the Pioneers of Singapore.

Teachers doing our bit for our fellow Singaporeans

Teachers doing our bit for our fellow Singaporeans

After about an hour of walking, we headed towards the National Orchid Garden. We were greeted by the beautiful orchids as we entered through the gates. The numerous types of orchids that were grown and cared for in the garden were really astounding. It really is amazing at how our country is able to produce such beauties in this tropical climate of ours.

After the trek, we had a picnic lunch at the Gardens! Packed lunch was served outside the Orchid Garden. We sat on mats around the patients and had a nice picnic. The weather had been very kind to us. The breeze could be felt while we were enjoying our lunch together.

After lunch, it was farewell time. We took photos with the patients and helped them into their transportation, which will bring them back home. We bid them farewell. We are sure that they had a great time. One of them said that if the teachers of the school are so nice, they would love to see the children we teach. They must be really wonderful too! Food for thought!

Our Trekkers - Making sure our guests are comfortable!

Our Trekkers – Making sure our guests are comfortable!

We ended the day with taking a staff group photo. It was a long trek but we felt good. The weather was nice but the wonderful company was the deciding factor. We went home with a feeling of satisfaction that we had done something good. We know for sure that we will never forget this experience. After this, we can go for our break in the June holidays.