Back To Frontier Programme 2016

Jan 26, 16 Back To Frontier Programme 2016

I must say that I was looking forward to becoming a Frontierer! Mommy has already gotten me ready for school. I have a new school bag and new school uniform. In fact, the night before school started, I was so excited that I kept checking the clock to see if it was time to wake up!

What was my first week of school like? Well, I must admit that I was nervous as well. After all, it was my first days in this huge school!  I was told that the first four days of school, all of us in the school would be having a programme called the Back to Frontier. It was a special 4 days that helped us adjust to our new routines. 


Our teachers brought us on daily tours around the school. In the classroom, we had many hands-on activities and games. I did not know that the school had such wonderful facilities. We did some art activities too and took so much pride in the masterpieces that we created. We sang and learned the ‘Gummy Bear Dance’ and we proudly presented the dance to our parents when they visited us in the classrooms on the final day of the programme. In fact, the moment our parents saw my class dance, they knew we would be fine and there was no need to worry!

P1 _3

What was also memorable to me was the Buddy Me Programme on the third and fourth day. All Primary 1 pupils like myself, had older Primary 2 pupils to be our buddies. Our buddies helped to introduce to us the food stalls in the school canteen and the different types of delicious food we could buy for ourselves during recess. I was glad to have an older buddy who could show me how to buy my own food and drinks and eased my initial worry in buying food on my own.

Pic 2

I heard from my P2 Buddy that he had a lot of fun with his classmates too for the Back to Frontier programme. They had exciting activities that built on their confidence and cooperation as a class. They decorated their classrooms and his teachers also spend the time to re-orientate him and his classmates to the school routines and expectations. He said that the P3s had talks and a classroom workshop by ACRES (Animal Concerns Research & Education Society) that taught them to protect and care for animals and learnt how to be responsible pet owners. They had ‘Pet Jamboree’ where some of them took their pets to school. He said some of them had classmates who brought their pet terrapins, hamsters, rabbits, fish and others. How wonderful!

Pic 3 Pic 4

My buddy told me that for the Back to Frontier programme, it even included the DanceFront programme for the P4s and P5s. They had instructors who trained the pupils in fusion dance where they danced hip-hop to the ethnic music that was being played. I am sure they had loads of fun learning those cool moves together.

Pic 5


I think the whole 4-Day Back to Frontier programme had been thoughtfully planned by our teachers so that all of us, together with our classmates and teachers, got a great opportunity to bond better. After a few days of fun activities through this programme, Frontier Primary School definitely feels like home to me and I am grateful that I have now made many new friends. I shall look forward to more good times!