Putting on our Thinking Hats: Project Work 2016!

Feb 19, 16 Putting on our Thinking Hats: Project Work 2016!

Do you know what social entrepreneurship is? Well, I finally discovered what it is only after I had gone through the P5 Social Innovation and Enterprise Project Work in the first four Fridays of this year.  It was certainly an enriching experience for me!

First, we were introduced to current social entrepreneurships in Singapore and how they try to meet the needs of the society. Basically, I learnt that all social entrepreneurships are set up to meet a social need but they use business tactics to sell their ideas to the mass. We brainstormed in our groups to list the current issues and the needs we see in our community and nation. It was enlightening to hear the insightful exchange of creative ideas and the different opinions shared by my peers during the discussions.

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After all the discussions, we came up with innovative ways to meet those needs of the target groups that we had proposed. We used the 3 thinking hats; the Dreamer Hat, the Realist Hat and the Critic Hat as a guide to help us to analyse and trouble-shoot the various options before voting for our favourite ones. It was a tough battle for some groups!

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Once we had decided on the focus of our project, we began to work on our final proposals. We were reminded to be clear with our objectives and the process how we intended to run the project. We had to draw upon business techniques to find solutions to certain social problems and help a focused target group. While working on this, we split the tasks up into parts so each of our group members could have an important part to play in our project. We soon realised that this can be quite a challenge but with great teamwork, we were confident and were so determined to do an amazing job for our project.

My younger schoolmates in P4 were working just as hard as us in their Project Work. They were given a task to improve on products packaging and just like us, they had to work well on their collaborative skills and come up with innovative ideas with their own packaging of their new products. For them, they had to come up with novel ideas to repackage products and draw others to the improvised versions of the products that they have created.

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Once we had firmed up with our proposals, we started working on how to sell or market our ideas. For the next two sessions, all the P4s as well as the P5 pupils like myself, started working on our presentation. We were taught tips like voice modulation, not reading from slides, having good posture, using good visuals and using media such as video clips to make our presentations excellent.

My group prepared some posters and a Powerpoint presentation. We were relieved when the slides looked great! My group members and I were rather nervous but were all so excited for the presentation. We rehearsed long and hard for our presentation. Although, it was not easy to coordinate with my friends, it became easier as we went along.

On our final session on 29 January 2016, you could practically taste the excitement in the air! It was THE DAY for us to showcase our final projects. The P5s assembled in the hall while the P4s were in their classrooms. It was a grand display of hard work put together and it was really enlightening to witness the many innovative ideas my fellow P4 and P5 Frontierers had come up with.

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We ended off the day with cheers and applause for our teachers and trainers who had worked hard together with us in preparing our projects. Thank you teachers and trainers! I have truly learnt a lot from Project Work. The efforts helped me to think about new matters that I normally would not think of. With the knowledge I have gathered through this enriching experience on social entrepreneurship, I hope to make a difference and be the difference to my community!