Mar 15, 16 Fire-Drill!

Fire drill @ Frontier
29 Feb 2016
I heard the school alarm sounded when I was just sitting down in my classroom after recess. At that moment, our Principal, Mr Koh, announced over the system that it was a fire drill and everyone had to gather at the assembly areas.

As we have performed this exercise at least once every year, all of us are aware of the steps we need to perform. We need to  stop what we are doing, leave the classroom and gather at our designated assembly area quickly and in an orderly manner. Therefore, after the announcement, we hurriedly switched off all electricity and formed our lines outside the classroom. Our teacher also asked us to check if our classmates were all in the queue before we moved off quietly to the assembly area.


As we are located on the fifth floor, we need to climb down many flights of stairs. While we need to move quickly, we are to remain careful and orderly. This is the fastest way down and we are not going to panic! When we were at the football field, many pupils were already queuing up according to their classes. I realised that there were many more pupils at the field compared to last year. They were the new P1 pupils and MOE Kindergarten K1 pupils joining us for the first time. The field was also more crowded as half of our field has now become the construction site of the new MOE Kindergarten building.

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After we are assembled, our teacher again took our attendance to make sure that all of us were accounted for. Luckily, no one was missing in our class.


Finally, Mr Koh spoke to us and commented that some of us could be more serious when coming down from our classroom or while waiting at the assembly area. The duration taken for us to assemble in the field was not as quick as required. He pointed out to us that with more pupils in the school, we needed to be more focussed and and ensure all can assemble as quickly as we can. To make sure that we understood what he said, we might need to do another fire drill exercise again soon. I think Mr Koh is right. It is important that we know this drill well.
After going back to our classroom, we were again being reminded by our teacher that fire drill is an important exercise to make sure that all of us know what to do during an emergency, and we must take it seriously. Keeping that in mind, I am sure we will do much better the next time.