Our P5 Outdoor Adventure Camp 2016 @ MOE Jalan Bahtera Outdoor Adventure Centre

Apr 28, 16 Our P5 Outdoor Adventure Camp 2016  @ MOE Jalan Bahtera Outdoor Adventure Centre

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“3, 2, 1! Jump!” counted the instructor but my feet just could not move. It was my first time on the zip line. Everything looked so small from the tall tower, which I was standing on. There were so many things that raced through my mind at that instant. “How did I end up here? What if the wire snaps? Should I scream?”
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I recalled my instructor saying that the wire was strong enough to support a small elephant. Since I weighed less than an elephant’s trunk, I knew that I should be safe. My brain was able to tell me that I would be safe. However, somehow, my legs did not share my confidence. Finally, I decided to make the daring jump. I forgot to scream! In fact, there was no time to scream! I zoomed down the line at top speed. The wind blew so hard against my face that I could hardly open my eyes and mouth. I got a feeling that my face had been blown out of shape.


Before I knew it, the ride ended. I was hanging in the middle of the line. An instructor came over and pulled me by my legs to the trolley so that I could be released. I wished at that moment that the ride would last longer. It was not as scary as what I thought it would be.  I actually liked that triumphant feeling and felt an immediate boost in my confidence level.

The experience I had on the Zipline was just one of the many obstacles my fellow P5 friends and I had to go through during our P5 camp this year. I must say that the camp was definitely packed with lots of fun-filled activities. The camp activity highlights included the Zipline, Rock Wall, Abseil Tower, Caving, High Elements Rope course and a campfire.


I really appreciated our school’s efforts to develop us into rugged Frontierers and confident leaders. Just like most of my fellow P5 Frontierers, being at the P5 Camp was our first experience away from the comfort of home and we were introduced to many outdoor adventure activities that we had never thought we could possibly do. The 2D1N P5 Adventure Camp was held at MOE Jalan Bahtera Outdoor Adventure Campsite on 31 March and 1 April. The camp was specially designed by our teachers and camp trainers so that all P5 campers would get to experience many character-building activities and learn valuable lessons in teamwork, critical-thinking and resilience.

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For my friend, Rui Hong, his favourite activity was the High Challenge Course. During the activity, we had to work with a partner to cross a high obstacle course. He mentioned that his partner was afraid of heights so he had to cross the obstacles slowly. To deter his partner from giving up, he cheered him on. The warm support and encouraging words worked wonders and in the end, Rui Hong and his partner completed the course and were filled with pride at overcoming the challenge together.


Wei Xuan, Rui Hong and I also agreed that we would never forget the meals we had at the camp together.  It was not about how delicious the food was but the memorable fun chants we had to do before we could dig into the food. Though we were starving, we could see the glint in each other’s eyes and the wide smiles on everyone’s faces as all of us chanted the “Hungry Cheer” loudly before eating. The trainer, Coach Lench, would playfully lead us with the cheer and only after he thought that we were loud enough, we would get our food.


Besides the team activities and outdoor challenges we did, the campfire we had was especially an unforgettable and meaningful moment for all of us. Sitting around the campfire that evening, we bonded together in the spirit of camaraderie while singing the songs and cheers. Wei Xuan highlighted the mixed emotions she was overwhelmed with as the campfire was put out. I think we all felt it too. The lingering feeling of sadness and happiness mixed, enveloped us as the fire was put out for we knew then that all what we had experienced together was coming to an end. We knew we would miss the campsite and all the fun activities that we did.


That night after the campfire, although all of us were extremely tired, many of us still chatted through the night. We shared with each other about what we went through that day and little stories about our own lives. Actually, we could hardly believe how we still had the energy to talk then. Some of us might have complained on how mosquitoes had feasted on us and how frustrated we were when we encountered queue-jumpers during bath times. However, those were just menial complaints. We definitely had bagged a lot of precious moments together at the camp. We would not forget how the camp had taught us to step out of our comfort zones, be independent and conquered our fear of heights. We had built many new friendships, cared and motivated each other. This was the first P5 camp for our school and it was a very memorable one indeed for all of us the P5 Frontierers.


By Krystal Lim Hui Shan ,Ong Rui Hong and Wong Wei Xuan