Reaching for the Stars @ SYF 2016

Apr 28, 16 Reaching for the Stars @ SYF 2016


My friends and I in DanzWhiz were really excited to be part of this year’s Singapore Youth Festival (SYF). The Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) is an annual event organised by the Ministry of Education to celebrate the diverse arts talents of our youths in their co-curricular activities (CCA). Our friends from the String Ensemble were just as excited as us as they too would be participating in the SYF for the first time. The Chinese Dance, however, was representing our school for the second time at the 2016 SYF. My parents think that this is quite remarkable for a 4 year old school.

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This year, Frontier’s DanzWhiz boys, Chinese Dance members and String Ensemble members had worked extremely hard for their SYF 2016 presentation. We prepared for several months before the event. My DanzWhiz team started training once a week since last year and the sessions had been increased to twice a week in the past months as we needed to perfect our steps. Although all of us are from different classes, we have become very close friends as we laughed and sweated it out together during our numerous practices. Sometimes we were quite naughty, and our teachers had to scold us. However, I think we are their “precious” even though they might not want to admit it. People I met thought that we were a unique group as we are probably the youngest participating all-boys group in the International Dance category! I guess there were not many P2 children participating in the SYF. By the way, whoever said boys could not dance probably have not seen us in action!



I noticed that the Chinese Dance members were working just as hard us too. The Chinese Dance troupe members had put in a lot of hard work and determination for their performance. Like us, they started each session with warm-ups before working hard on their dance routines. Having practices twice a week and sometimes for two and a half hours or more during the holidays was not something new to the dancers.


Our friends in the String Ensemble had also worked hard on mastering their instruments to play their melodious tune on stage for the big day. The past few months had been a tiring journey as they were faced with the challenge of blending the many different sounds of their instruments together to accomplish their goal of performing well on stage. Many of them expressed how proud they felt in representing the school when they finally went on stage in their colourful costumes and performing together in unison melodiously.

Together, we have faced many challenges in our journey to SYF. Often, I felt very nervous and excited at the same time whenever I was on stage. Our movements had to be in-sync and well-coordinated. I grew to understand and appreciate teamwork more through this whole experience. It was never about one individual’s effort but all of us coming together and supporting each other to overcome the many challenges. Therefore, we have learnt to care, look out for each other and help one another to better our skills. Continuously reminding each other of the correct steps, timing and formation was indeed a team effort. I think I became more confident after I started dancing. I learnt too about patience, resilience and responsibility as an individual and as a team member. Our hard work has made a difference to us growing as Frontierers.

What I learnt most was that the goal in performing is not always about winning, but ultimately to be able to perform at our best as a team despite the trials and challenges.


When my friends and I danced together, I often pushed myself to put in my best. Whenever we ran into problems, all of us knew that we could turn to our instructors, friends and teachers for help. Having great friends and teachers around me was what kept me going. We could talk to our teachers and friends, and hearing kind, supportive and inspiring words from them really motivated us.

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We are all very proud to have represented our school for this year’s SYF. We were exceptionally proud too when we heard our vice-principal announced on 25 April in the school hall that both dance teams, my DanzWhiz team and the Chinese Dance troupe, had been awarded the Certificate of Distinction for our performances! The String Ensemble also rejoiced when they heard that they received the Certificate of Commendation! All of us have come a long way. We knew we had done our best and the awards are significant tokens of the hard work we had put in through the months. We are tremendously grateful to our teachers, parents and friends for their endless support that made this sweet success possible for all of us.

The experience we gained for the SYF 2016 was not only enriching but simply priceless.