PPC Softball Event 2016

May 25, 16 PPC Softball Event 2016

This blog entry is a contribution from the the School Parent Support Group which is known as the Parent Partnership Community (PPC).


“Wake up, daddy!” “Let’s go, mummy!” “Ok darling, did you have your sports shoes on?”

A group of frontierers had had no qualms waking up early to reach school at 8am on a Saturday morning for the annual PPC (Parent Partnership Community) Sports Day held on 14 May 2016. Not to be confused with the School Sports Day, the PPC activity was only opened to PPC members and their families to promote healthy parental involvement in school. To be entitled to an invitation, parents can enrol themselves as PPC members by completing the application form available from the General Office, or via download from the school website.

This year, a total of 24 PPC parent-child pairs & their families came together for a game of softball with the support of the school P.E. department. It was an interesting experience as softball is less familiar to many parents, unlike the sports we played in previous PPC sports days – captain ball (2014) and soccer (2015). This event being part of the Family Matters @ School for Fathers Programme, had served to encourage fathers to play an active role and be involved in school. It was notable that daddies form more than half the parents who participated.

Parents in action with their children!

Parents in action with their children!

We were fortunate to have the softball event conducted in the indoor sports hall, which meant that we did not have to contend with the unpredictable weather, and at the same time, had enough space to hold concurrent games. Using bouncy rubber balls and rackets to replace the usual bats and smaller balls, the modified game was made easy for everyone, the young and old, to ensure effective throws, hits and passes. Nevertheless, the activity had Frontierers & their parents running and panting. It was indeed a great workout for all.

There are two significant rules which are synonymous with our aim to promote parent-child bonding and interaction. Firstly for the batting team, the parent (the bowler) feeds the bouncing ball to his/her child (the batter) who tries to hit the ball with the racket. Communication is the key to a successful bowl and hit. Secondly for the fielding team, it is mandatory for the ball to be passed to all the fielders (one at a time) before a child fielder is allowed tag out the running batter. Teamwork is essential to ensure an efficient passing and a successful tag. It was interesting to observed the children discussed strategies with their parents.





Based on the number of runs completed by the batter, scores are then accumulated for the batting team and medals awarded by merit according to overall team results. The highlight of the day was the awarding of special medals for good sportsmanship and parent-child partnership. The children celebrated for being outstanding sportsmen and the parent-child pairs were delighted to be recognised as best partners. We could not help but noticed a few pairs doing their high-fives.

In short, the PPC Sports Day 2016 ended with a bang. We hope to have more parents join us in upcoming activities and the PPC Sports Day next year.


Here is what the parents and children have to say:

“Really full of respect for the PE department & parents who organise the (sports) event and make this event full of fun and laughter for my family.” Larrison Poh, father of Joycelyn (3-RE)


“I don’t care about winning.l just want to have some bonding with my parents and friends.Winning is not so important as long as l try my very best to play. l had lots of fun! Thank you for organising this fun event.” Joycelyn Poh (3-RE)


“Tired to wake up so early on a Saturday to go for sport activity, but my girl’s smiles & enjoyment of the game make my day. The softball is new to us and it is an interesting & physical demanding sport, thanks to the PE Dept for introducing us this sport and burnt a lot of calories for me” May Ang, mother of Ruby Lee (4-CO)


“I am thrilled to participate in today’s activity! I am very happy to win the 1st prize with my father! We also had good teamwork partnership with our teammates! It was fun and I wish to participate in this kind of activity again.” Austin Chua, (3-IN)


“As a parent organiser, I was not prepared to play. Having to stand-in & and replace an absentee pair had provided the opportunity for me to encourage my girl who was in a younger age group to try her best amongst the bigger-sized kids, and she did it!” Eric Liau, father of Randilyn (3-RE)