Happy 51st Birthday, Singapore!

Aug 24, 16 Happy 51st Birthday, Singapore!

This year is our nation’s 51st birthday! On the morning of 8th August, I saw streams of Frontierers all dressed in reds and whites walking ahead of me. 2016 marks the first of our next fifty years of our Singapore Story.When we reached the school lobby, I saw some colourful art pieces welcoming us. The art pieces were being displayed as part of this year’s National Day decorations.


I wondered what would be the programme highlights for us that morning. I overheard some my classmates chatting away on their National Day’s plans with their families.  It was obvious too that everyone was looking forward to the special early dismissal at 10a.m. that day.  As usual, all of us gathered as a school in the hall.  When I reached the hall, the place was already flooded with Frontierers in reds and whites.


However, I noticed that my friends, who are in the Red Cross unit and the Scouts, were all smartly dressed in their uniforms instead and were standing on the school stage. Promptly at 7.30 a.m., the official ceremony began. To the tune of a ceremonial March-in song, a contingent of pupils marched into the hall in synchronised steps to bring in the National Flag. They are part of the Marching Contingent.


They marched in smartly and later handed over the school flag and National Flag to be raised onto the flag poles.  As the two flags were raised slowly when we sang the National Anthem, we could feel the intense sense of pride surrounded all of us at that very moment. Then, our Principal, Mr Koh, came on stage to read the National Day speech followed by three teachers who led us with the Recollections as we chorused the responses in unison.

National Day Celebrations.

Our Teachers Leading us with the Recollections.


Flag cake

After this solemn ceremony, the day was then filled with lots of exciting programme, lined up specially for all of us to celebrate this joyous day. Even the pupils from our school’s MOE Kindergarten joined us for the celebration. I was most entertained when our cute kindergarten counterparts even performed song and dance items for us!


At 8 a.m., our P1s and P2 started heading to the ISH. That day would be our first Frontier Lower Primary Games Day that was held in conjunction with the National Day Celebration. The young Frontierers were all smiles and were all set to channel their energy for the event exclusive to the lower primary pupils to compete each other in a fun yet competitive way. They knew that attractive medals would be awaiting them should their teams do exceptionally well during the races. However, in such sports events, our young ones knew too that not everyone would go home as winners. However, everyone would definitely have fun and learn about good sportsmanship and teamwork.


For the rest of us who were in the hall, we were entertained with an NE video clip, lots of NDP songs, quizzes and a skit. As a finale, we had a nation cake-cutting session where the Principal and our teachers came together on stage to cut an enormous 51st birthday.


As I witnessed the enormous cake being cut, I silently prayed for all of us to enjoy many more good years of stable economy, peace and harmony together as a nation. This year’s NDP theme, “Building our Singapore of Tomorrow”, I feel is about all of us, individually and collectively, being rooted to our values and embracing our love for Singapore. We are the indeed the ones who will shape our Singapore of tomorrow. At that same moment, I smiled and secretly wished too that I could have a good bite of that delicious-looking cake on stage! Happy 51st Birthday, Singapore!