Our very first NE Show

Aug 24, 16 Our very first NE Show

“What? We have to take the MRT to the National Stadium?!” exclaimed some of my classmates in horror. This was when our teacher first briefed us on our trip to the NE Show, which was a preview of the NDP 2016.  I did not see what the fuss was as I thought that taking the MRT together as a big group could be a little inconvenient but would be a fun experience for us all. After all, my teacher shared that we will have the MRT cabin all to ourselves. Wow! Talk about exclusive!


On 9th July, all P5s gathered in school at 2p.m. All of us were in such high spirits in our red tops and were raring to go to the National Stadium. After a short briefing and given a bun as a snack, we set off to walk to the Pioneer MRT station with our teachers. The school had booked a few special carriages just for all of us to be transported from Pioneer MRT station to Kallang Station and back. As the journey from Pioneer to Kallang MRT station would take a while, we chose to sit throughout the journey. Most of us just made ourselves comfortable onto the floor of the crowded train as only a few lucky ones managed to grab the limited seats available. It was definitely not the usual every day sight one would see in the MRT.


I was told that this year would be the first NE show held at the stadium after ten long years as the stadium had previously gone through a major reconstruction. Hence, this is a historical moment too! I have never been to the National Stadium before.  After alighting at the Kallang MRT station, we took a 20-minute walk to the stadium.  When we finally reached the stadium, all of us could sense the excitement in the air.  We could hear music being played and the crowd singing along to familiar NDP songs while we were ushered to our seats.  The organisers had placed our red and white funpacks onto our seats and soon, we received our delicious “fried-rice” dinner packs to fill up our rumbling tummies.

national stadium



After eating, we dug into our Funpacks to check out what were in them. Besides the usual food items like cookies, water bottles, we had some interactive items for us to use during the show like handheld flags, Singapore towels and LED-wristbands! I simply love the LED wristband. All of us were amazed by this wonderful invention. These wristbands were wirelessly synchronised with the show’s lights and sounds, emitting different colour lights with varying intensity. By wearing these LED wristbands, everyone of us became an integral part of the show and together, we had fun contributing to the massive visual displays.


Throughout the 2-hour show, we were continuously stunned, mesmerised and fully immersed with the colourful line-up of parades, music, light and firework displays. It was truly an amazing experience. As I looked around, I could see my fellow friends and classmates having a wonderful time singing to the songs in the air and cheering away as new groups of participants appeared with their segments of spectacular display of songs and dances. Some of us were just too busy snapping and clicking away to capture lots of beautiful photographs on our cameras or mobile phones to share with our family and friends.



The musical segment on “Badang” reminded young Singaporeans like myself, to take bold steps in shaping our own future and set us into thinking how we can build a Singapore that we will continue to be proud of. The segment where people with disabilities performed and taught the rest of us how to hand sign the chorus of “Count on me Singapore” truly touched our hearts. I felt that the segment reminded us not to forget the less advantage in our society while celebrating the nation’s birthday, thus, encouraging us to be a more caring and inclusive society with a shared vision.


I am truly grateful given the opportunity to be there at the National Stadium that day being accompanied by our selfless and tireless teachers. Being there, definitely made me felt extremely proud of our nation and being a Singaporean! Majulah Singapura!