P3 VIsTA Camp

Oct 12, 16 P3 VIsTA Camp

When our Mother Tongue teacher told the class that for Semester 2’s Experiential Learning Day on 19 August, the P3s would not be going out on a learning journey, some of us were indeed disappointed. However, our teacher convinced us that we would still experience a meaningful and fun day as P3 Frontierers like myself would experience a Day camp instead! Our Mother Tongue teachers had planned a special VIsTA (Values Inspired Through Actions) Camp for us and we would get to put all values that we have learnt in class into practice through the many fun hands-on activities during that camp. Upon hearing that, we were turned excited and were counting down to the day of the camp.

The day finally came! That day was unique as all of us would get an opportunity to communicate with our teachers and friends comfortably in our own Mother Tongue languages. My friends who take Mother Tongue Malay were separated from us who takes Mother Tongue Chinese. Those taking Malay followed the Malay Mother Tongue teachers for their “Kem Kesantunan” held in the special rooms, while the rest of us, remained in the school hall.

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We started the day by reading DiZiGui verses with our teachers and adult volunteers who were from Zhong Hua Cultural Society (Singapore). Then this was followed by learning and singing the song “Sheng Huo Hao Xi Guan”. It was so fun and meaningful as the song served as a reminder for me to always stand and sit up straight to make myself look confident and full of energy.


See us singing another song! We sang and danced to “Xing Fu De Lian”, and did the sign language according to the lyrics. Don’t we look so energetic? Copying verses, rearranging sentences… We had so much fun! Besides the fun part, we also learnt the meanings of the verses, and learnt to put values into actions and be filial to our parents.

Look what did! We were folding clothes and I never knew that folding clothes can be so fun! I will definitely help my mum to fold clothes in the future.


Look at the beautiful flowers! We even made our own floral arrangements for our parents. The adult volunteers who guided us told us that when we cut the stem, we need to think about a bad habit which needs to be thrown away. Only then, we would be left with all the good characters and we would be as pretty as the flowers. That message was deep and it has stuck in my mind till this day. I have looked at all flowers differently since that day and appreciate them more in our lives.

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Our Malay friends at “Kem Kesantunan” also had lots of fun that day. I was told by my friend that he was introduced to a 19th-century Bugis–Malay historian, poet and scholar named Raja Ali Haji, whose famous literary work entitled ‘Gurindam Dua Belas’, bears wise advice and guidance in human being based on the God’s love. The P3 Malay Frontierers had many fun discussions and activities closely tied to this ‘Gurindam Dua Belas’. They had a day of poetry appreciation and also drama where they not only act but they did their own props too!

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Besides poetry and drama, they had fun using the iPads too, running around excitedly to scan QR codes and scrambled verses from a famous folk song, “Geylang Si Paku Geylang.” At the end of it all, my friends said they learnt the true meaning of the song lyrics better and got to sing it together more meaningfully with gusto!

For us who were in the hall, at around 2.30pm, many of our parents came to attend a meaningful talk entitled “The Importance of Setting a Role Model in Character Building of a Child” that was presented by the ex-Principal of Nanyang Junior College, Mrs Ho Woon Ho.


At the end of the whole event, we presented the handmade bouquet we did to our parents. It was a touching scene indeed.


Through this VIsTa Day Camp and “Kem Kesantunan”, the P3 Frontierers learnt that we must practise good values conscientiously as good values will make each of us a good person, friend, child and ultimately a good citizen who will be an asset to Singapore. We have definitely gained a lot from the camp in many ways. Thank you MT teachers, parents and volunteers for making the VIsTa Day programme so exciting yet so meaningful for all of us.