Reminiscing our Teachers’ Day Celebrations

Oct 09, 16 Reminiscing our Teachers’ Day Celebrations

This is a special edition where a parent contributed this blog entry.


Dear teachers, all of you are our VIPs today. Today is your day, and we’d like to thank you. We won’t misbehave, nor pull a new prank. We’re extremely grateful, for all the things that you do. We appreciate and acknowledge, as we look through your view. So, a very Happy Teachers’ Day to all our dear teachers!” With those cheeky lines from the young emcees, they kick-started this year’s Teachers’ Day concert at Frontier Primary.


The Teachers’ Day celebration is a closed-door event to appreciate and honor our teachers for their passion in educating our children and it is exclusively for the staff and pupils. As with past celebrations, parents from the Parent Partnership Community (PPC) have always been invited to put up performances for the concert segment. This year’s celebration was extra special as PPC had first-hand experience in co-organising the event with the school.

That Thursday morning, many of the Frontierers beamed with joy while juggling bags of gifts that they lovingly prepared for their teachers. High energy was evidently felt among pupils who had trained hard in their dance steps or vocals and were ready to present their best at the concert.

There were many heartening moments during the concert – like when a pupil confidently identified his teacher in the “Guess Who” game because he cares enough to notice even the smallest details through the daily interactions with his teacher, or when the MOE Kindergarten kids won over the hearts of everyone with their uncoordinated but cute dance moves. Smiles were spotted on many teachers when heartfelt dedications from the performers were recited. The school leaders even surprised us with their funny antics in the video where teachers dedicated well-wishes to their colleagues and received loud applause and cheers.



To prepare for this event, the PPC organizing committee held many virtual meetings on Whatsapp because it was almost impossible to meet physically due to everyone’s work commitments, except for one late night meeting nearby. Some of us even had our children tag along to grab their dinner while the parents had a fruitful discussion and time to catch up with one another.

To make the celebrations a more memorable one for the teachers, we went around one morning to take videos of the pupils’ well-wishes for their favorite teachers. Many of the pupils were forth-coming and excited to pen down their appreciation messages too!


It is a blessing to have a community of talents among the parents. A fellow PPC parent was roped in to choreograph the PPC dance item and train the children, while a few mommies took the challenge to sing on stage together with their children despite having stage phobia themselves. Regardless of the motivating factor, it was encouraging to see these parents being a part of this special day in their child’s life. Evening dance rehearsals at nearby void decks were enjoyable and the children bonded in laughter while practising the steps together.


The Teachers’ Day celebrations ended with an engaging and delightful ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously) day workout for all. The PPC certainly hopes to have more parents join us in next year’s Teachers’ Day celebrations and we are looking forward to celebrate the Children’s Day Fiesta with the school!

Read what other parents who were involved in this event have to say:

“We had a good bonding time practising the performance items together at home. It was also quite fun attending the rehearsals, seeing how the teachers ‘put the entire show’ together. We were elated to have participated and contributed to this enjoyable event. I’m also very thankful to get to know other supportive and committed PPC parents through this opportunity.” – Linda Koh (parent of Isaac Lai, 3-In)

“I was very happy to be able to join the celebration and the performance. It was a great bonding session for me to join my son in the performance. Seeing him participating in the performance and enjoying himself with school friends made me glad that a right choice was made to get him to join the performance. It was also a great experience to get to know other committed and fun PPC parents. They were great and I enjoyed myself tremendously” – Shirley Lim (parent of Jaeden Ng, 3-RY)

“I wanted to show my appreciation to the teachers for their love, passion and patience towards my children and to meet other parents and the children’s classmates/schoolmates. It was also to overcome stage fright for my children and I. Enjoyed meeting wonderful, creative and friendly parents and gained friendship, courage, communication and social skills.” – Dorothy Goh (parent of Zhi Han, 5-CO and Zhi Ler, 2-CA)

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