Caring for our Future: From Kidzania to P6 Project Work

Feb 28, 17 Caring for our Future: From Kidzania to P6 Project Work

The first few days back in school began with lots of excitement! All Frontierers were scheduled to go through a four-day immersion Back to Frontier programme, to ease them back into the school environment and its expectations.

We have a P6 cohort for the first time in Frontier history. For the P6 Frontierers, this was their final Back to Frontier Programme. They would all be going to secondary schools in 2018. How time has flown! The Back to Frontier was specially planned to align to the P6 pupils’ Project Work that would follow in the following few weeks.

‘We Care for Our Future’ was the theme. The programme included an intensive 3-day motivational booster programme by trained motivational speakers from Adam Khoo. The fourth day of the Back to Frontier programme was exceptionally exciting as it encompassed a learning journey to KidZania Singapore at Sentosa!

The learning journey might have looked like the grand finale of the Back to Frontier programme but it was actually intentionally planned to kick-off the Integrated Project Work (IPW) with the theme, Our Future.

In Kidzania, our P6 Frontierers cultivated knowledge and skills pertaining to career options of their choice. They engaged in the activities offered at each career option where they learned and took with them many fond memories of being with their fellow P6 friends.

For many of our P6 pupils, this was their first trip to KidZania. Our P6 Frontierers explored more than five different careers at KidZania, and patiently waited in line to get into a career of their interests. At each station, they were given instructions and information pertaining to the career. They spent KidZos for trainings and earned them by working at the career option.

Many of them tried out obstacle courses, putting out fires, being paramedics, delivering parcels, making food and even managing the security for the bank. It was no wonder they were exhausted by the end of the afternoon!

The pupils were trying things that some have never imagined they could.
What was admirable was to see the pupils, besides having an awesome time playing, were continuously supporting and encouraging each other to overcome challenges that were before them.

After all the play and learning at KidZania, our P6 Frontierers had to apply and use the knowledge and experience they had gained there for the following three weeks of Project Work.

For their projects, these P6s collaboratively worked in teams to display their understanding of modern career options available today which might become obsolete in the future.

They discussed and looked at futuristic career options they imagined could exist in the future. Through the project work, our P6 Frontierers acquired creativity and confidence in presentation skills. They communicated their concerns and hopes of the future with their team members.

They then presented their own groups’ impressions of possible future career options they had selected. The whole journey was indeed a rich and meaningful learning experience for the P6 Frontierers!