My First Week at Frontier Primary School

Feb 28, 17 My First Week at Frontier Primary School

I was both excited and tensed at the same time. I think my mum could feel it too then. Over the past few days, we have been going over the booklist and the books to bring. My mum must have
checked my bag hundreds of times, making sure my name is written on every book and stationery. Even my shoes had my initials.

That night I slept soundly but when morning came, I felt the jitters. My mum sent me straight to my class. I was quite lost in this big school as there were so many people around. There are more than 1400 Frontierers in the school and I was the youngest, being in P1.  A kind lady greeted me at the door, asked me to remove my shoes and showed me to a seat. (Later, I realised that she was my form teacher. I am going to be fine as she is very caring!)

I looked over my shoulder to see Mum peering the window. She was smiling, and that helped settle the butterflies in my stomach. I am ready for Primary 1.

In class, we quickly got to know our classmates. We were engaged in all sorts of fun activities. We even had our recesses in class for the first 2 days. We really got to know our classmates and teachers well.

On the second day, we went to the hall. It is a huge place. Here, we met our principal, Mr Koh. He shared about the expectations of being a primary school student.

After that, we were taught the Gummy Bear dance in the hall. It was such fun! I must memorise the steps quickly as we will be performing for our parents on Friday.

Our recess on the third day was a surprise as we got to go to the canteen. Before that, I got to meet my buddy who would guide me in purchasing food. We sat in the canteen together and had our food. Mum, I can eat on my own! No problem at all!

We also had a dental talk to guide us in good oral hygiene. I now know how to brush properly to
take good care of my teeth.

On the fourth day, we had our temperature check in the morning. Each of us was given a thermometer. We were taught how to use the thermometer correctly and to clean it after use. Now I understood better what those numbers on the thermometer actually meant. I now had the knowledge to check if I have a fever!

As we welcomed our parents into our classroom, I was feeling excited and happy. My parents got to see my classroom and also met my teachers. Our performance went well and my parents said they were very proud of me. As I said goodbye to my teachers, I realised that I had grown independent and I was certainly ready for primary school.

I am definitely looking forward to many more great days ahead, learning together with my wonderful new classmates! I am a Frontierer!