A Memorable CNY 2017@Frontier

Mar 06, 17 A Memorable CNY 2017@Frontier

“ Ugh…” I groaned, as makeup was applied onto my face. It was Chinese New Year’s eve, and Frontier Primary School was having a concert to celebrate the auspicious festival together.

It was seven in the morning and my mind was still not fully awake. I picked up my violin and played a piece, filling the Band Room with music. When everyone had arrived, our teachers got us to rehearse for the concert, one last time. Before we knew it, it was time for us to head backstage.

I gazed down at my red dress while Mr Koh, our principal, gave a speech. “This might be the last time I performed in the String Ensemble,” I thought. I recalled the first time I played my violin on stage. That was six years ago, when the String Ensemble CCA was just being formed. This made me feel rather sentmental and I held back my tears, just as the curtain opened. The usual whispers of “remember to smile” amongst my fellow performers, could be heard before the double basses and the cellos played the opening tune.

My bow moved back and forth across the violin strings. At last, we ended the song with a tune from the theme song of ‘Power Rangers’.  We bowed and headed backstage, carrying our chairs and stands. The audience was appreciative and we could hear their applause.

After we had stored our instruments in the Band Room, my friends and I crept up to the side of the hall to watch the rest of the performance.

We were so excited to see the P4s coming on stage then. They were clad in bright blue Dancefront tee shirts. Three groups of P4 pupils performed, each dancing their very own fusion dance, which they had learnt during their Dancefront Programme. They danced fantastically well! Our LLP, danceFRONT programme is really making our schoolmates very confident.


Next, there was a very special performance. Hazel, a P2 pupil, played a song on her erhu. A few other P2 pupils accompanied her together with Ms Dorcas, who was on the piano. I had never played on an erhu before, let alone touch it. Even so, I doubted that I would have been able to play as well as she did at eight years old. Hazel is so talented!


After that, the P3 DanzWhiz boys danced to the song, ‘Cake by the Ocean’. They looked so cool in their black sunglasses. Some of my friends tried imitating their dance moves and I laughed at their silly attempts. However, I still joined them and danced along. No one knew that I secretly dreamt of dancing on stage, no matter how much I pretended it was agony.

Next up were the MOE kindergarteners! They had red streamers tied to their hands and they mimed beating a drum while they danced. I wondered why. Then I saw it. They had two mini lions dancing below the stage! The MOE kindergarteners were so adorable, a total display of cuteness overloaded.

To heighten the jubilant atmosphere, the Chinese Dancers performed a traditional dance for us. They were so energetic and skilled! We were all mesmerized by the many movements they did in the dance. They twirled their skirts around, so that a swirl of colours could be seen. No wonder they have so much success in the SYF.

 The next segment was one that I had never seen before. Teachers and students were models on a runway! They all wore traditional Chinese costumes.

 Then, the moment we were all waiting for. The sing-a-long sessions where Ms Tan and Ms Lam, our Music teachers, led us with three CNY favourite festive songs. The student eLFs also showed their vocal prowess that day. They led us in a song, “Da Sheng Nian”. Everyone of us was singing enthusiastically and some were even swaying joyfully to the music.

A ‘god of fortune’ that day was our special guest. He went around giving out chocolate coins and followed by the energetic grand finale. The Lion Dance! Not a mini one, a real one! The performers captivated us all as they pranced around the hall to the pulsating beat of the drums and cymbals. Some people shrieked when the ‘auspicious’ lions got too near or the music got too loud.

Upon dismissal that day, I looked back at my school and saw pupils in traditional Chinese costumes streaming out of the school gates. My last Chinese New Year celebration at Frontier Primary School had just ended.

“Hey, Charlene!” I heard mother calling. I was awoken from my reverie.  Together, my brother, mother, and I headed home. The celebration was a truly a memorable one. It is one that I shall cherish and treasure…..forever.

Charlene Goh Rui En (6 RY)