Learning Journey to Singapore Discovery Centre & Army Museum

Mar 27, 17 Learning Journey to Singapore Discovery Centre & Army Museum

It was our Experiential Learning Day and we were all excited to go for our Learning Journey to the Singapore Discovery Centre and Army Museum that day.

After the morning programme, we had a briefing in class on the trip. After the briefing, my class headed down to the foyer to wait for the bus. My partner, Pranjal, was looking so excited for the trip. I was glad that he was as I thought that it would be fun to explore the place together that day.


The bus trip to the Singapore Discovery Centre was extremely short. When we alighted from the bus, our guide, Mr. Rhona, who was a tall, tanned man, welcomed us. After he introduced himself to us, he took us to the gallery. He then started to tell us some facts about Singapore.We found out more about Singapore’s milestone events on our road to nationhood and discovered what had shaped Singapore to the global city she is today. Our guide reminded us how important it is for every one of us to help defend Singapore and highlighted the significance of Total Defence Day to us.

Soon after we had fuelled ourselves up with food during our short break, we got ready for the next highlight of the trip which was the SAFTI bus tour. We hopped onto a SAFTI bus and were introduced to a new tour guide. That bus tour was special as it took us around the compound meant only for authorised personnel. This thrilling tour allowed us to get a glimpse of SAFTI Military Institute which is a 98-hectare training ground for officers from Singapore’s Army, Navy and Air Force. I may come here as a soldier in future when it is my turn to do my national service.

I understand that officers are commissioned here in this ground! We got to view some army transportation like tanks, planes and helicopters. We also viewed some different designs of cannons. After the short bus tour, the bus drove out of the military compound and headed to the Army Museum.


At the Army Museum, we learnt about the history of the Singapore Army. Pranjal was happy to touch the material that tanks are made of. Then our guide showed us some cool guns, weapons and a model aeroplane. I was also surprised to see a missile right before my eyes! I feel confident that our army is strong and is capable of defending Singapore if there is a need.

Soon it was time for us to head back to school. While waiting for the bus to take us back to school, my friend and I started to do a little reflection on our own. To us, the tour we had that day gave us a glimpse of what it takes to prepare for such a noble mission of protecting the nation against external aggression. We paid tribute to the Army that day and celebrated the contribution of our soldiers.


The military defence provides us the safety and security so that we can go on with our daily lives and activities. We were immensely thankful to the school organising staff for allowing us to have this amazing experience. One thing for sure, my classmates and I had left the place knowing that we should never take the peace and security we have today for granted.



By Isaac Tan Yan Zuo & Pranjal Dasghosh, 3 CO (2017).