Apr 25, 17 FUN ADVENTURE at P5 CAMP F.O.R.D 2017

“The campfire ended! Now it is supper time!” some of the campers exclaimed as they quickened our steps to the canteen of MOE Dairy Farm Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre to see what we would be having for supper.

The camp trainers provided us with some hotdog buns and a packet of Milo to drink. Some people were so appreciative of the food that they ate like a pack of hungry wolves. That was our last meal after a long and eventful day. When the teachers saw that some of us were looking extremely tired, they brought us to our dormitories.

It was the first time I was spending two days away from home. It was a camp where we truly learnt to be more independent and resilient. In those two days, my P5 schoolmates, teachers and trainers were my family and the MOE Dairy Farm Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre was my home for the night. We had meals together and we bonded like we have never done before.

Soon after reaching our dormitories, the trainers announced that we had to head to bed after cleaning-up. So, the girls went back to their own dormitories. As there were 2 levels in 1 dormitory, the boys went up to the 2nd storey to have their clothes changed.

“Lights out!” the trainer announced. And the lights went out. Some of the other P5s were still chatting away through the night and they even tried to disturb some of us, who were light sleepers, from dozing off to sleep. The lyrics of the campfire songs still echoed through my mind as I tried to force myself to sleep.

In what seems just like seconds since I had closed my eyes, I heard the loud voice of my trainer ringing at my ears.

“Wake up!” The trainer shouted. I woke up in a shock!

We woke up, surprised that it was already daytime. It was Day 2 of the camp!

We quickly assembled at the Parade Square. Some groups had to go to their Camp Challenge Rope Course (CCRC) and some others had to go for their Sensory Trail.

That morning, my group went for abseiling first. The height scared us out of our wits but we enjoyed the experience as we went down the wall with the rope. Next, we had to do the Camp Challenge Rope Course(CCRC). We were extremely fearful for our turns. Some of us wanted to turn back when we saw our friends shivering and looking so pale on the ropes. Some of my friends who totally refused to take up the challenge to complete the CCRC, were encouraged by the trainers to go for the Low Elements activities instead.

After the CCRC and the Sensory Trail, we went to the canteen to have our lunch. It was really interesting to see some of our friends standing and serving us the lunch. We took turns for the different meal times to serve our fellow campers. I really appreciated my friends who were scooping the food onto my plate with a smile. I was glad that I was not scheduled to be on duty at that moment as I was starving!

After lunch, we continued with more team-building activities. The activities can be challenging and required good teamwork. At the end of the whole camp activities, all campers like myself at the Parade Square for the prize-giving ceremony. My team members and I had a nerve-wrecking time waiting for the results to be announced. We crossed our fingers as we waited to find out who would be the prize-winners. After much anticipation, they announced the BEST CAMPER of each group, the BEST MALE and Female CAMPER of the whole camp, as well as the BEST GROUP of the entire camp. That was indeed a proud ceremony for all prize-winners.

Although my group did not win the Best Group award, that event was still a memorable moment for us all. We started to sing some songs together and with a heavy heart, waiting for our trainer to dismiss us officially. After two days together, we left reluctantly when it was time to board the buses. Some of the campers got emotional and even cried. As we took the bus, we reflected. I shall not forget these words that kept ringing in my ears till today: Face your fears! Make a difference, be the difference!

It was here at the camp that many of us challenged our fears and overcome them with our heads raised high. For the majority of us, it was the first time we were away from our families. Many of us had to overcome the fear of heights. Many of us had to trust our friends for some of the activities to achieve the team goals. This was what I guess Mr Koh meant when he shared with us in his speech during the campfire that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Our true character would definitely show in that process if we were a team player, resilient, responsible, caring or willing to go the extra mile for our friends. We truly appreciate this great learning experience and the friendship we built with our friends and teachers in those two days. Thank you, Frontier, for making this camp happen for me and my fellow P5 Frontierers!


Written By:

Xavier Ong Yi Xuan, 5 Care(2017)