My First Session as a SwimSafer

Jun 27, 17 My First Session as a SwimSafer

When I received the letter informing us that the upcoming Structured CCA Programme module is swimming, I was over the moon! I love being outdoors, especially in the waters.

There was a lot of buzz in the classroom as my classmates shared if they are able to swim. For some of my classmates, they have attended some form of basic swimming course. However for me, this is indeed a chance of a lifetime. I am finally going to learn how to swim and earn a certificate for it should I do well in the programme!

I am glad that the school has planned the SWIMSAFER lessons for us as part of our SCCA. In the past few months, the Structured CCA Programme or SCCA for short, has exposed my fellow Frontierers and I, different modular CCA programmes where our SCCA teachers told us that we would build us to be stronger physically, aesthetically and mentally. Through the P3 SCCA programme, we have become better friends and shared many fun memories together.

I could not wait to have fun in the pool with my friends. This afternoon’s session was our first SWIMSAFER session. As soon as the school dismissal bell rang, my friends and I swarmed to the changing room to change into our swimsuits. Only after we have changed then we rushed to the canteen to have our lunch. Yes, having swimsuits beneath our uniform seemed more important than lunch. However, none of us would want to go for a swim with empty stomachs too.

When we reached the swimming pool, the coaches told us that SwimSafer is a national water safety programme which comprises six stages. This means my friends and I may not be in the same group as we have been  grouped according to our current skills. However, the thought of how relaxing it would be to have a dip in the cool water on a sunny Friday afternoon got me all excited once again.

After we have been re-grouped by our coaches and were just about to get started, I felt a drop of water on my lap. “It must be pool water dripping from my friend’s hair,” I thought. Then, I saw the coaches busy themselves leading us to the sheltered areas. We were then informed that the lightning risk alert had been activated.  I had my goggles on all the time and did not realise that the sky had turned grey.

A theory lesson was conducted and we ended the session with dry swimsuits. My friends and I were a little disappointed as we only spent 15 minutes in the pool. However, I must say that we had learned a lot that day about water safety from our coaches and we were more prepared to swim safely for our next session. We prayed for good weather for next Friday as we hoped to have more time in the waters in our next session. As we prayed, my friends and I chanted together happily        “ Rain, rain go away. Come again another day……” as we went up the bus and headed back to school. That was the end of our first Swimsafer session but we were looking forward to many more splashing-fun sessions for the next few weeks.