Frontier’s 2nd Internationalisation Trip to Hong Kong 2017

Jul 31, 17 Frontier’s 2nd Internationalisation Trip to Hong Kong 2017

I have been hearing so many interesting experiences from my friends who went on the Frontier’s first Internationalisation trip to Hong Kong. Hence, when I heard the news that the school would be organising its second trip, I immediately jumped at the opportunity!

Knowing that the objectives of the exchange programme were exposure to a different educational system, immersing in a different culture as well as learning about the various environmental issues related to Hong Kong, I read widely about Hong Kong to familiarise myself in order to answer the questions before I submitted my application for the trip.

So ecstatic was I when I received the news that I was selected to be one of the thirty students, to represent Frontier Primary School in the second Internationalisation trip to Hong Kong that I immediately told everyone whom I knew! I counted down the minutes and seconds to the day and was unable to sleep the night before, though I was supposed to be awake by 4.30a.m. in the morning!

Day 1

In the wee hours of 23rd May morning, four teachers and thirty students (including myself) gathered at our school’s foyer. My group (Group 4) consisted of eight students, a mix of Primary 4 and Primary 5 students. As I had volunteered to be the group’s photographer, my group’s teacher-in-charge, Mr Fahmy, handed me a camera for my safekeeping.

We boarded the bus, sent off by our anxious and excited parents, and headed to Changi Airport.

The flight to Hong Kong took around 5 hours. It was afternoon when we arrived at Hong Kong International Airport! Luckily, we had light snacks in the plane as the airport was packed like sardines! It took us a while to finally clear the immigration customs and left for the first destination – Ocean Park!

We learnt about dolphin conservation in Ocean Park

Hong Kong was similar to Singapore as there were several high rise buildings and crowded places. The tour guide shared that Hong Kong and Singapore are both small countries with huge population but  Hong Kong might look more crowded than our country as the terrain of Hong Kong was 85% mountainous !

Upon reaching Ocean Park, one of Hong Kong’s famous tourist attractions, we ravenously wolfed down our late lunch and rushed to catch a dolphin show. We learnt about dolphins conservation and how considerate acts such as not throwing litter into the ocean would help tremendously in the conservation.

I also learnt that dolphins were one of the world’s smartest animals and able to obey commands too! While listening attentively to the guide, I also did not forget to take photographs.We left Ocean Park nearing 6 p.m. in the evening and headed to our hotel. After a short debrief by our teachers, I was so exhausted that I immediately fell asleep once my head touched the pillow.

Day 2

The next two days of the trip were a busy learning trip for all of us. We visited two schools. The first one was The Salvation Army Lam Butt Chung Memorial School, which was also a Primary School like ours. I was paired with a Primary 6 boy, Nick, to do coding activities and after which, we had lunch together.

From my observation of the school and interaction I had with Nick, I felt that the schools in Hong Kong were similar to Singapore’s. I was happy to know Nick as he was a kind, caring and sociable person. As he was rather talkative, both of us gelled with each other so well.


After lunch, we bade goodbye to our dear buddies and headed to Hong Kong Wetland Park, which was home to many artefacts. I learnt about environmental issues and spotted organisms such as Dory fish, Clownfish and even crocodiles.

Visit to Hong Kong Wetland Park

Day 3

On the third day of the trip, we returned to The Salvation Army Lam Butt Chung Memorial School to  exchange gifts with our buddies. I received a packet of seeds from Nick and I gave him a magnet with a Merlion on it as a memento.

After lunch, we headed to the second school that had been planned for us to visit. The school was named the Fresh Fish Traders School. I initially thought that the students were taught to trade fish there but to my surprise, the students were taught similar subjects just like us! I also noticed that the students in the school were really tall and had such huge appetites during their break! Each of them had a bowl of noodles and porridge for lunch! No wonder they were so tall!

After we bade goodbye to our new friends in the Fresh Fish Traders School, we went to Hong Kong’s Museum of History and Victoria Peak.

We took a tram up to Victoria Peak where we saw a bird’s eye view of Hong Kong.

We had to take a tram to Victoria Peak and from the peak, it was a bird’s eye view of Hong Kong! It was indeed breath-taking! After a yummy dinner, we went back to the hotel to pack our luggage before going into a deep slumber.

Day 4

Time flies and it was the last day of our Hong Kong trip. After breakfast, we checked out from our hotel and headed to Hong Kong Disneyland!

We had so much fun there though we were actually tasked to go there for an environmental exploration.  Besides getting onto fun rides and looking around for souvenir for our loved ones, it was brought to our attention through our environmental exploration, the importance of our roles in water conservation and ways to conserve water better.

Visit to Hong Kong Disneyland, which was the highlight of the trip for me!

The exploration continued until about 5 p.m. in the evening where we gathered to head to the Hong Kong International Airport to catch our flight back home. The flight back to Singapore took around 4 to 5 hours and another 40 minutes via bus, to reach our school. By then, it was already midnight!


I will always remember the wonderful times I have spent with my fellow Frontierers at Hong Kong such as the schools and fun places we had visited and explored together. Of course there were some hiccups and challenges but with the supportive friends and teachers I had with me then, the challenges seemed trivial and I could easily overcome them.

From this Hong Kong internationalisation trip, I learnt about the differences and similarities between Singapore and Hong Kong, had the opportunity to interact with the Hong Kong students and also, immersed myself to know more about their culture too.

Being my first time away from my family in a foreign place, I also learnt about being independent, responsible, boosting my own self-confidence and found out what teamwork meant when working with others.

I would like to thank the school and the teachers who had organised such a memorable trip for the thirty of us. I am indeed ever grateful for the awesome experience I had there. Best regards to Mrs Loh, Mr Fahmy, Mr Chua and Ms Dorcas.


Posted by: Ivec Choong Zin Lui, P5 Respect