P4 Science Experiential Trip to Farmart Centre and Kok Fah Technology Farm

Aug 29, 17 P4 Science Experiential Trip to Farmart Centre and Kok Fah Technology Farm

Chloe’s Reflection

Have you ever been to Farmart Centre and Kok Fah Technology Farm? I did and I had a smashing time there with my classmates earlier this semester!

It was the day of our fun experiential trip for Semester Two.  Our class made a beeline to the foyer to wait for the school bus.  My partner and I were in high spirits and we talked nineteen to the dozen as we waited for the bus to arrive.

Our first stop was at the Farmart Centre.  Our guide, Mr William brought us to a room where he shared a lot of information about different species of birds and their eggs.  For example, the female quails have black spots on their feathers while the male quails have brown feathers.  We had acquired much interesting knowledge that was beyond books.

Next we proceeded to the Animal Corner.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw all the different types of animals.  That was indeed an eye-opening experience for a city dweller like me.  There were rabbits, catfish, goats, frogs, guinea pigs and even parrots.  I enjoyed feeding the rabbits as they looked very cute when they used their razor-sharp teeth to nibble on the carrots.

Soon we left the place and boarded the school bus again to head to Kok Fah Technology Farm.  Prior to the trip, I had always thought that farms in Singapore use traditional farming method. But to my great surprise, Koh Fah Technological Farm has incorporated automated machinery systems to help facilitate and speed up the farming process.  This has helped improve farmer’s working conditions tremendously and lightened their workload.  We were told that they only need two farmers to run the whole place at one time! We were also introduced to hydroponic way of farming.  I found it rather interesting as the plants do not need to be grown on any soil.

The guide gave us some freshly plucked vegetables to sample.  My favourite was baby cherry tomatoes as they were very juicy and crunchy.  I was taken aback by the taste as I did not know freshly plucked tomatoes could be so tasty.

Soon it was time to head back to school.  On the way back, I started to do a little reflection on my own.  The tour had given me a glimpse of the importance of investing in high-tech machinery and equipment.  This is extremely important in a land-scarce and manpower-constraint Singapore.  I urge all Singaporeans to support our local produce to help bring local farming to the next level!

Below, you can learn a little more about this trip from my other two classmates, Ashley and Joseph. They will share with you what were some of the highlights of the trip they had experienced.


Ashley’s Reflection

The highlight of the trip for me was at our first destination – Farmart Centre. I had so much fun there. The friendly farmers, Uncle William and Uncle Chang were at the entrance to welcome us. We were split into two groups and my group was the group to go for Uncle William’s educational class about chickens and quails first. We followed Uncle William as he led us to his classroom.

When we reached the classroom, some of us were puzzled. “Is this a classroom?” they asked.

Uncle William explained that the classroom was an old type of “kampong” classroom, unlike the classroom we have at Frontier Primary School. We were amazed. We were actually quite surprised that we liked the rustic “kampong” classroom.

After we settled down, Uncle William started showing us his chickens, birds and quails. He showed us a chart of the life cycle of a quail. He told us that at Farmart, they would collect the eggs and place them in the incubator for warmth. I found that it was most interesting to know that the incubator that they have at the Farmart can incubate twenty-thousand eggs at one go! How amazing!

During the Quiz Time, Uncle William I was lucky to be picked to answer a question. Fortunately for me, I answered his question correctly and won myself a box of delicious biscuits!

After the “kampong” class session, the next segment was our favourite; feeding the animals at the Animal Corner! We were so excited to be able to feed the bullfrogs, catfish and terrapins. We were also given some Kangkong and carrots to feed the goat and the rabbits. All of the animals we encountered that day, looked especially cute when they munched their food!


Joseph’s Reflection  

I felt that my classmates and I have learnt a lot at Kok Fah Technology Farm.   When we walked towards the place where they grew lettuce and cherry tomatoes, the guide gave us a scrumptious healthy salad for us to try. It was a salad filled with vegetables with dressings such as vinegar and olive oil on it. He then gave us cherry tomatoes too. After sampling the vegetables, we moved on to the Herbs Station where the guide introduced to us some herbs like Sweet Basil and Oregano. Then, we headed down to see how vegetables are grown on the farm without the use of soil. Amazing!

Before exiting the farm, the guide cut open an Aloe Vera leaf, took out the gel, washed it and gave it to us to rub on our hands. That was definitely a new experience for me. The natural gel from the Aloe Vera plant felt so cool on my fingers that I decided to rub some of the gel on my neck. It felt so great on the skin especially on that very hot day. At the end of the tour, the guide of Kok Fah Technology Farm had prepared a little surprise for all of us! A surprise that was so wonderful that I could vividly remember that moment with excitement. We were served cups of Aloe Vera drink with honey added in it! The drink was indeed so refreshing and cooling. I finished my share in three gulps!

Posted by Chloe Wong, Ashley Goh and Joseph Teo from Primary 4 Resilience