Step up and Stand Up to Keep Our School Safe

Sep 27, 17 Step up and Stand Up to Keep Our School Safe

When I walk into school in the morning, I want the school to have a climate that is happy, welcoming and supportive. Every pupil should feel and be safe everywhere in school.

I was grateful when I was selected to be part of our school initiative to keep our school safe and bully-free. A group of us from P4 classes were chosen by our teachers to participate in the 2 days Bully-free Ambassadors’ Training camp.

Initially, I did not know what to expect. However,  our trainers, Ms Andrea and Mr Taufik,  from the Singapore Children Society were on hand to guide us during the training. They explained to us the 4 different types of bullying, how to prevent bullying and how to be a good friend. Those were really useful skills indeed.

My friends and I created posters and games booths using recycled materials to help spread the awareness of bullying prevention in the school. Our trainers and school counsellor also gave us a short briefing on how to run the Bully-free week in the school. All of us felt excited but nervous at this thought.

We kicked off the Bully-Free Week by sharing Bully-Free quotes in the School Hall. Actually, I had a fear of public speaking but I somehow managed to overcome my stage fright!

We were very happy to see many pupils participating in the game booths and writing their pledge during the recess break. Though it was a long week, I made many friends and grow to become more confident.

I have learnt that all it takes is for one person to stand up to stop bullying. All of us have a role to play in creating a Bully-free environment in the school. We should build our courage to become an “upstander” who is an active bystander in a safe manner.

A safe and supportive school climate can help prevent bullying. Everyone at school can work together to create a climate where bullying is not acceptable.

We have to step up and stand up for what is right, just like how any other superhero would do to save the day!