P1 Back To Frontier 2018

Jan 22, 18 P1 Back To Frontier 2018

My family was extremely excited for my first day at school. It was a new adventure for my parents and grandparents. We have a new pair of black shoes, a Smiggle lunch bag and Stars Wars water bottle to match my Frontier uniform. Mummy even took a picture of me on my big day before leaving the house. I felt very grown up.

When I entered the classroom, everything became real. I hated the thought of being away from my bed for so many hours. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I held my mummy’s hand. My daddy and mummy brought me to my classroom, handed me over to the teacher and went away. I began to feel uneasy. To make things worse, they were not even allowed to stand near the window after the national anthem. I felt very lonely and missed my old kindergarten friends.

My teacher was obviously a professional at handling cry-babies. She knew exactly what to do and did not entertain us. Soon, we realised that we were not going to get our mothers back no matter what. We decided to ‘surrender’ and join our teacher to do some ‘Back to Frontier’ bonding activities. That was the best decision I had made!

We had our school tours. I did not expect that my friends and I had to climb so many stairs to reach the Indoor Sports Hall. We encouraged each other on the way up. I was panting when I reached level five. The school is huge! Back in the classroom, we did some Art and Craft and drawing. I love drawing!

On the second day, our principal, Mrs Tonnine Chua, spoke to us in the school hall. She welcomed us to the school and shared her expectations with us. We learnt to be respectful and responsible Frontierers. Our teachers also taught us how to stand properly as we show our respect when we sing the national anthem and recite the pledge. After that, we were introduced to the ‘Gummy Bear’ dance! It was fun to do a mass dance with all the primary one pupils. We tried our best to remember the dance steps and had a great time laughing at one another.

On the third and fourth day, we started our ‘Buddy Me’ journey. Our Primary 2 buddies brought us to the canteen stalls and recommended the type of delicious of food that we could buy for ourselves during our recess. It was exciting to buy food using money.

On the last day, Daddy and Mummy were there to take pictures of our ‘Gummy Bear’ dance performance in our classroom. I felt more assured when I knew that my parents were with me. I learnt that with courage and strength, I will succeed this year. Through ‘Back to Frontier’ programme, I have made many new friends and am happy to learn new things in school every day!


What some of our Primary Ones say:

“It was a great experience to buy my own food during recess. I can choose what I want to buy.”

Seth Tan

P1 Respect


“We enjoyed the gummy bear dance performance because we practised very hard for it. Our P2 buddy taught us how to buy food. The steamed egg from the canteen is yummy!”

Keagan Foo and Nicole Chia

1 Resilience