Lunar New Year Celebration with a Blast!

Mar 27, 18 Lunar New Year Celebration with a Blast!

The school hall was decorated with brightly coloured streamers, crimson red lanterns were hung from the ceiling and an enormous banner  bearing the wordings “Happy New Year” featured prominently on stage. Once again, the highly anticipated day had arrived – the Chinese New Year celebration!

The String Ensemble, accompanied by a pianist,  opened the concert with two mellifluous tunes.

After the thunderous applause came a percussion performance by our teachers. They played Chinese New Year songs using wooden instruments and it was really a wonderful performance.

The Choir sang two traditional songs. The members’ melodious voices resounded throughout the school hall and everyone was captivated by their splendid performance, and swayed together to the music.

The Chinese Dance was next. Dressed in their traditional Chinese costumes, the dancers showcased in balletic and fluid movements. Fans were used to accentuate their gestures and gracefulness.


“Boom! Clash! Boom! Clash!” the drums and cymbals sounded as the lion dance dancers made their grand entrance on stage – the most highly anticipated part of the celebration! Pupils bubbled with excitement as they watched the two golden lions perform various stunts, before they finished off with a majestic pose.

The 2018 Lunar New Year celebration was indeed an eye-opening experience for all Frontierers!

(Sorenson Yeo, 6 Care)



Below are some  reflections from the performers:

“When it comes to performing on stage, it is nerve-wracking for most people. It is no different for me too. In order to achieve the standard that our instructor wants, my String Ensemble teammates and I practised very hard for this Chinese New Year concert.”

(Anderson Teh, 6 Respect – Sting Ensemble member)


I was selected as one of the eight P6 Chinese Dancers to put up a dance item for the concert. The dance was choreographed by our teacher, Mdm Dorcas. All of us were very excited as it was a dance that the school had not seen before. As the curtains were slowly drawn open, I felt butterflies in my stomach. Hundred pairs of eyes were looking at us. When the music was being played, I felt my fear subsiding. Before I knew it, the performance was over. We congratulated one another on a job well done.

As this is my last year in Frontier Primary, I am glad that I was given the opportunity to perform with my friends. It was a definitely a meaningful experience for me!

(Ho Yan, 6 Care – Chinese Dance dancer)


This has to be one of my best memories this year. As part of the Chinese New Year celebrations at Frontier, I sang together with my juniors during the concert. My choir teammates and I worked our fingers to the bones for this concert as we wanted our first performance for the year to be perfect. 

As we stood on the stage, I was all pins and needles as I felt more than a hundred pairs of eyes staring at us. We sang our hearts out and beamed brightly as the audience applauded loudly after our performance.

Ever though I felt exhilarated after the performance, my heart saddened at the thought that this would be my last Chinese New Year celebration at Frontier. The memories of our choir practices – filled with laughter and the perspiration of perfecting our skills and trying to get everyone to act as one – made me promise myself to definitely visit my choir teachers and juniors after I have gone to secondary school next year.

(Zhao Xuwen, 6 Care – Choir member)