Frontier’s Sports Day! Cheer them on!

May 03, 18 Frontier’s Sports Day! Cheer them on!

During Sports Day, P4 to P6 pupils excitedly engaged one another in relay games where they showed off their skipping, dribbling and body control skills. Cries of joy could also be heard when teammates scored during inter-class games of basketball.

Throughout the activities, they exhibited teamwork, fair play and sportsmanship. Our Frontierers have done us proud indeed!

Inter-class basketball matches

It was a tough match!








Trying my best to dribble the ball!

Balancing on this scooter board is tough but I’ll persevere.









See me skip. I’m good at this!








Come on, say a few words to cheer for your class!

Resilience! Resilience! Go! Go! Go!









P4 Champion Class – 4 Confidence! Hip! Hip! Hooray!

P5 Champion Class – 5 Resilience! Yeah!








P6 Champion Class – 6 Innovation! Well done, pupils!








My class won the Bronze medal at this year’s Sports Day despite us facing some challenges during the basketball matches and  skipping games. We were on cloud nine at our win. The interclass match was challenging but through team efforts, we won because our classmates kept cheering, “6 Resilience will not give up!”

Tan Hui Yi, 6 Resilience


There was intense competition between the classes to make it to the top three. We put our best foot forward, giving our best in the hope of standing a chance to win. Although we did not emerge victorious this year, we had a whale of a time.

Ruby Lee Yi Xuan, 6 Respect


We showed strong support for one another and made posters to cheer for our class. Our Form and Co-Form Teachers encouraged us and that really boosted our energy and morale. Our Form Teacher, Mr Tong, even shouted words of encouragement enthusiastically through a loudhailer. Our class crafted three of our own class cheers. One cheer was for encouragement, one was for motivation and one was for the demonstration of team spirit. Our team spirit was admired by many of our schoolmates. Our unity was our strength and because of our teamwork and collaboration, we became champions! We are certainly going to miss this moment in time as this was a first for us!

Denson, Yadanar and Yasier,  6 Innovation


We learnt how to work as a team, and cooperate and communicate with one other. We also learnt about good sportsmanship. We practised at home and my teammates and I also thought of different strategies  to score points for Hoop-a-Ball. Although we had put in lots of effort, we knew that we must learn to accept the results, whether win or lose. However, when I found out that we were the champion, I was elated. I felt that all our hard work had paid off.

Thecla, 5 Resilience


Our class did very well to win the championship. I was very happy as this was my first time winning a medal. The Hoop-a-Ball matches were very challenging but we managed to beat our opponents and emerge victorious even though we lost some of the matches.  Our class was vying for the championship and we were overjoyed when the teacher announced that our class was the winner. I was contented and proud of this hard-earned victory.

Jovita Fam, 5 Resilience


When Sports Day arrived, I told myself, “Don’t be scared and don’t be shy. Just do your best!” We were so happy to come in second place. We felt so proud when we went up the stage to receive our medals.

Sherlynn Peh and Dominick Chew, 4 Respect


This was the first time the primary four pupils joined the upper primary games. When it was my turn to skip, I had butterflies in my stomach. I just had to go for it as I did not want to disappoint my friends. All of us worked very hard for the events. When it was announced that we had won the gold medal, we were overjoyed. That was my first gold medal! It was amazing to see everybody putting their best effort for their classes to win. I cannot wait for the next Sports Day to come.

Allen Francis Tanutana, 4 Confidence


The whole class was beaming with joy when the vice-principal put the medal around our necks. The best part about Sports Day was winning the medal and coming together to bond with the class. I learnt the importance of sportsmanship as we shook hands with our opponents. I had lots of fun. I am looking forward to Sports Day 2019!

Yong Ye, 4 Care


My classmates and I had high hopes for winning. Though we did not win any medal, we knew we had tried our best and done our teachers proud.

Zahra, 4 Responsibility