International Friendship Day 2018

May 31, 18 International Friendship Day 2018

Frontier Primary School commemorated International Friendship Day on 2 April 2018. The theme this year is ‘Celebrating the ASEAN Community’.  As the world today is getting increasingly interconnected and people are more mobile,  Singaporeans need to have a global outlook while rooted to Singapore.


Along the theme ‘Celebrating the ASEAN Community’, we looked at a ‘Celebration of Festivals’ not only in ASEAN countries but also in countries beyond ASEAN,  namely Japan and Korea.  The planned activities allowed our pupils to appreciate and embrace cultural diversity.


The commemoration started with a special assembly programme. Melody Chaw Thansin Kyaw and Zhang Haochen from 3 Care shared about the festivals they celebrate in their homes. This year, we were also privileged to host pupils and teachers from an Indonesian School, Santa Laurensia School, who were with us for a 4-day immersion. During the special assembly programme, pupils from the school shared on Betawi culture. The Betawi are part of the Malay family, with their traditions, customs, and language are categorized into the Malay culture. The pupils ended their presentation with a dance performance that showed their rich culture.


During recess, a number of booths were set up for our pupils to participate. They had opportunities to interact with artefacts from  from Laos and Japan. Pupils enjoyed playing traditional games such as hula hoops, congkak and hopping sacks with their friends. Our school canteen also sold special food originating from Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand during the pupils’ recesses. For many pupils, it was their first time tasting food from ASEAN countries. Pupils also got to enjoy snacks  from various ASEAN countries. At the library, a photo booth was set up. Pupils had the chance take photos of themselves wearing ethnic outfits and accessories from ASEAN countries .


Through these learning experiences, we also hope that our pupils developed an open mindset, and an appreciation for the contributions of new immigrants living, working and studying in Singapore.


Halo! Apa khabar kawan?



Come and join us in feasting this dish. It’s tasty!

This food from Thailand tastes delicious! It’s our first time trying it.

Yummy! Yummy! Coconut Candy in my tummy!

 Hmm… Shall we try this snack? Is it sweet?

Apollo biscuits! My favourite! I knew they came from Malaysia.

This is simply delicious!

I learnt about the food eaten during festivals celebrated in Japan.

We had fun hopping around the basketball court.