Experiential Day for the Lower Primary

Jul 25, 18 Experiential Day for the Lower Primary

Experiential Day for Primary 1

I really enjoyed Experiential Day on 6 July 2018. My friends and I went to Jurong Police Division Headquarters and Pottery Thow Kwang Industry Private Limited within the Jurong neighbourhood for an interdisciplinary Learning Journey. My teacher told me that these two places have been  in the Jurong neighbourhood for more than ten years! It is truly a place with a rich history of the Jurong area. I am glad I get to learn about the different occupations of people who have made a difference in the culture and make-up of Jurong.

I was really excited when I reached Jurong Police Station. The police officers conducted a guided tour and shared the history of the Jurong Police Division. In addition, we were also given some insights on its jurisdiction, operations and community outreach efforts.

At the Auditorium

Wow! Getting to wear the police uniform!








This is such a proud moment for me!

At the Heritage Gallery, we were introduced to the Singapore Police Force’s Collection of Ranks and Insignias, which showcases the transformation of the police uniform and its badges of rank as the Force evolved over the years. The uniform and the badges look really cool!

Chilling out at the Heritage Gallery

My friends and I were really lucky to get first-hand experience in seeing the different police vehicles and understanding their uses at Jurong Police Division. I was so fascinated by the job scope of a police officer that I told my teacher I want to be a police officer when I grow up!

At the pottery, we toured the oldest dragon-shaped kiln, where pots are fired at high temperature. The door of the kiln is made of bricks. We have never seen so many pieces of clay of different shapes and sizes.

Knowing more about the kiln

A unique experience in the kiln










All ready and excited to make our own clay products

Presto! Our masterpiece!









Through the guided tour, we learnt about the kiln and how clay becomes a piece of pottery through the rigorous process of heating. We had the opportunity to use clay to make our own unique pencil holder. It was such an enriching experience for us. Now, we could not wait to receive our handmade pencil holder which will be sent to our school!


Experiential Day for Primary 2

I was so excited to go on a learning journey to Changi Airport and spend the day learning with my friends.

When my friends and I approached Changi Airport, it looks so beautiful! We have heard a lot about Changi Airport and were all ready to explore the terminals. Our teachers also shared with us that Changi Airport served about 62 million passengers last year and that was more than ten times the population of Singapore! We are reminded that we must continue to be gracious hosts to attract more tourists to our sunny island.

Learning to be a Gracious Society







In Terminal 2, we saw an impressive art installation entitled A Million Times. The art installation would change over time to greet passengers and visitors in various languages, apart from telling the time. It was really cool!

A Million Times

Putting our learning into writing








In Terminal 3, we visited a sculpture commemorating RSAF’s 50-year anniversary. The RSAF has existed for as long as Singapore! The model of the fighter jet looks amazing. We feel so proud.

Celebrating 50 years of RSAF

Another stop that we had was to study the Daisy Sculpture. A sculpture that moves in accordance to the movements of onlookers. It was beautiful!

Such a gorgeous daisy!


How much does it cost to go to town?

Our next stop required us to calculate the different fares to town using different modes of transport. We had to find the most economical way by doing a comparison between taxi fares and the other modes of public transport. Our mathematical knowledge was really put to the test.





Let us Recycle!

As we walked around the terminals, we also noticed that recycling bins can be found all over the airport. My friends and I were reminded the importance of recycling. Recycling helps to save our environment and all of us should play a part.





Lastly, we took a glimpse at what the future Terminal 5 will look like. The model showed us the new shopping complex named The Jewel and the layout of the terminal. Singapore really plans ahead and the future holds exciting times for us. My friends and I have certainly learnt a lot from this learning journey.