S-eLF-L.E.S.S in action!

Jul 31, 18 S-eLF-L.E.S.S in action!

On 26 May 2018, all School eLF (S-eLF) attended an important  training session which taught us how to be better leaders. We enjoyed the training and learned critical values such as teamwork.

This is the first time we had our 2017 P6 alumni S-eLF joining us for our activities. Our 2nd and 3rd S-eLF Council members conducted a briefing in the PAL Room for the first activity – Scavenger Hunt, which they planned with the help of eLF teachers.

All the S-eLF were split into small groups and each group was given a list and a plastic bag to keep the found items. The list had fifteen items and we had to go around our school to find the items. Some of the items included a storybook, bottle cap, coin, badge, marker and many more.

If we can’t find the item, we can ask the council members for it. But it comes with a price – we have to do a small forfeit!

Going around the school and looking for items for the Scavenger Hunt

During the Scavenger Hunt, my group members and I had to keep reminding ourselves not to give up while looking for items that were difficult to find. Resilience is a big part of the leadership qualities we need to develop. After the activity, all the S-eLF learnt that we have to persevere even when we encounter difficulties while carrying out our duties. Even though prizes were awarded to the group who found the most items, all of us felt very happy during and after the activity. We got to know our team members better and the thrill of finding the items on our list motivated us to do our best. Every time we found an item, we would cheer together as a team and that certainly made us closer by the time the activity ended.


For the next segment, we headed to the school hall for the next game, called Poison River. All groups were given flat markers to cross the river. The person standing in front laid the markers on the floor and cross part of the river. The person at the back picked up the marker and passed it to the person in front. This went on until the groups reached the end point.

Let’s cross this Poison River with care!

We use these flat markers to cross the river.









One person went back using the same method to bring students who had not crossed the river. The first group to have all members at the end point was the winner. This activity was physically challenging for some of us and we learnt to depend on one another to get from one point to the other. At the end of the day, we learnt that teamwork and communication are of utmost importance in this activity.


My favourite activity for that day was the Restorative Practice (RP) Workshop as I learnt various strategies to solve conflicts in order to mediate effectively. One strategy that I felt was very useful was to put myself in my friend’s shoes. I will not be able to understand how my friend feels unless I see things from his or her perspective. We were able to put into practice some of these strategies through role-playing of scenarios and discussion of case studies. I feel more confident that we can apply these skills when executing our duties as a S-eLF after this workshop. For instance, helping others who need help and helping to resolve conflicts and how to become a better leader.

Role Play in progress!

Learning the needs of our peers so we can help them better.

Let’s discuss about the case study.

















I am thankful that the school had organised these meaningful and useful workshops for S-eLF so that we can constantly improve ourselves. I have learnt a lot from the training and I believe that I will be able to apply these skills in my daily life as well.

By Ashley Goh Xuan Ying (5 Innovation)